Sci-Fi Economics Web Development Thread

Just one more web development thread, in analogy to The Reef Web Development Thread


Since I was tasked to create the Sci-Fi Economic Lab project website, I have set up a barebones / skeleton / placeholder website here now:

temporary login protection until launch:

  • username: edgeryders
  • password: topsecret123

The basic tech system is in place and works, and you’re able to edit content in near-realtime via these topics in the #earthos:web-content category. Edits are published at every 5 full minutes of the hour. The tech stack is the same as that of and

To finish this website we’ll do agile software development :slight_smile: So please comment here with and on the tasks you need me to do towards finishing that website. I’ll get the tasks done quickly and report back with a comment of my own. Then look at the results, rinse, repeat. When everyone is happy with the result, we’re done. Which should take no more than 1-2 days!

I need your input esp. related to:

  • @augusto, @alberto: Copywriting texts to use, esp. about the event itself.
  • @augusto, @haf, @irene_1: Your information for the “About → Team & Contact” page, if it is still missing. You can edit it in yourself.
  • @ilaria: Who can create or at least proofread the French and Dutch translations of page copy?
  • How to reference / link the crowdfunding campaign and pre-launch mailing list.
  • Title and content for more sub-pages, if you want them.
  • If you want a slides carousel like here, let me know what images to use.

As for myself, I will work on the following already:

  • Adding all site graphics, the logo etc. according to the designs provided by Lorenzo, once I we get these (@ilaria, lemme know :sunny:?)
  • Enabling the multi-lingual pages once we have the translations in French and Dutch.
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Noted. This should be on @augusto, with me writing the copy.

Update: The Sci-Fi Economics Lab website has the proper graphics, color scheme and text formatting now. Also I removed the provisional access protection. So if you want to use it, spread the URL.

I’ll still have to do the multilingual feature, once I receive the translations from @augusto who is supposed to manage collecting them. This is mostly FYI for @alberto, except that the frontpage is missing some copy.

Let me know if I should change anything in the website before it is put to use. Otherwise I’ll have to go work on the Open Ethnographer & co. software for a few days now.