Seeders Communitas Micro-Distrikt

When the Seeders arrived at Witness is still argued about, but they were welcome once they arrived with their Catamarans driven by solar sails and old Fair Wind ecoliner. First seen with suspicion, their self-sustaining lifestyle, and commitment towards regeneration won the minds, hearts, and AIs of Witness. While the first wave of Seeders spent time in different districts on their boats, performing healing arts (Polivagal Alignment f. ex.) for individuals but also being able to build on a long tradition of ritual and practices for traumatized collective memory healing and conflict resolution, they quickly gained a vast fellowship. It is said that behind doors Seeders have been often included in negotiations between diplomats of the Covenant and Avantgrid extremists. Also of interest is that one would see the gliders come down from powerful and wealthy families, just to pick up a master of the ancient art of polyvagal alignment from his boat, to have a few sessions or train their kids in it. As their influence grew they impressed even more with their core ideals a mix of old metamodern scriptures (often internally debating and building on the root streams of nordic, dutch and black forest metamodernism) a strange mix between neo-indigenous beliefs, solarpunk hopetism and regenerative gospels on one hand and revelations of “not-two-is-peace”, an ancient text discovered from a sunken island in the Fijis on the other hand. The core ideals of the regenerative economic model of the Seeders became very popular among many nautic and earth-based farmers. Once the Seeders reached a critical mass of 980 000 people they started off on a New Moon ritual and officially initiated the growth circle for the Seeders Communitas Distrikt based on loose islands, and a floating platform attached to witness called the Great White Forest, the main capital and unofficial center of the Seeders Communitas Micro-Distrikt. A few modified Sea Orbiter X are also in use traveling the nearby sea and mainly used to commute between the island, to harvest wind, or to practice nautic farming


The currency is called a “conscious currency” and one of the rare blockchain-based currencies to survive the great floods. While in the beginning, the conscious aspect was more to point out the sustainable and regenerative nature of the currency it evolved over the century and is basically powered by Ai decision making - some of the more neo-indigenous belief and worship the currency as a living entity - others such as the more educated class of transcendental realist and metamodern conservatist are more pragmatic about it and know about the AI programming - the currency gains in value on each new moon if the overall regenerative activity is bigger then in the month before - it also losses in value if the regenerative output estimated by the decentralized Ai entities and the Seedlings input (big and vast discussions and statements by each communita) goes down. The process of planting and harvesting seeds, already built into the first version is still active up until today. Important to say about the currency is that while being a virtual one saved in a digital wallet, it is also a currency backed primarily by the quality of earth (long-term value storage) and the bio-dynamic food grown by the farmers (short and mid-term value storage). The regeneration of soil into farmland is supposed one of the highest rewards in itself as it is a healing of the still blistering wounded Gaia for the common folks in the neo-indigenous folklore.


Cooperation and the idea of a prior-unity in deeply ingrained in many Seeders as a fundamental value to life together. Cooperative structures are usually something between ancient tribes and blockchain smart grid power eco-villages hold together loosely through the digital Citizenship and currency of Seed. Trading is entirely done in Seeds, contrary to many other self-interest driven systems an AI and the constant upgrade and rearrangement of the Seeds allocation mechanism and the qualitative and quantitative meaning of what is to be valued as regenerative - you most likely end up doing trade with Seeders and be overwhelmed with an abundance not often seen if your product/service is considered to contribute to the regeneration of the whole. Organized in loose Communitas the overall structure is holonic in nature following the centuries-old holocratic organization principles with often basic democracy and consensus mechanisms in the communitas themselves. Projects going beyond one communita are voted for by everybody who is a Seedling themselves in the rank of a citizen (there are also residents who do not have the right to vote). Seeders have also integrated solar and wave coins into their economy since renewable energy production is of high interest, in addition, they profit moderately from the old Fair Wind ecoliner and their upgraded sails to convert wind into energy when not used to sail.




Very interesting idea, Adrian. I think this has legs.

  1. I’m wary about ‘AI decision making’. Every system has something to optimize for, so let’s make it clear what it focuses on. This is important for understanding decision biases, as no model is perfect. I think I see what these systems would be optimizing towards.

  2. A regenerative currency is interesting. We already have a decaying currency in the Assembly that prevents stockpiling, and the region has a sort-of-holacracy (but based on much older models than Robertson’s Holacracy.

But I can readily imagine this as being a crossover between strains of thought from both the Assembly and Avantgrid - something far more hardcore, where rewilding is actively rewarded. An island built around the Holacracy Constitution would be cool indeed.

Thanks! I agree when writing “AI decision making” it felt like cheating :wink:

  1. I will go into more depth around that one its more that the Seed regenerative ecosystem (Seed cryptocurrency) does exist as an idea and I would like to imagine where it could go fast-forward in the future. So I will dig deeper into the economy model of it.

  2. I would like to mesh the holacratic structure with earth-based more rural/farmer-like tribal circles, including the tensions that might arise from time to time between them.

And yes the regenerative economy is actively supporting rewilding/everything that supports the sustainability and regeneration of the planet towards a flourishing future - leading to challenges around other more consumption-oriented systems of course. And while holacracy is quite heady - I do like the advancement of it so yes - will be modeled around it (with some renegades and imperfections of the system;)

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Nice/ Looking forward to it - I think this’ll be fascinating. Call me in when you need narrative support?

Thanks! Right now busy with work… (and found your book on Audible Salvage Crew… love it:) - Will get into it and highly appreciate it - will get to it next week!