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My name is Anders, age 31, living in Stockholm Sweden.
Been a lurker here for a while and happy to have found this place with the welcoming and collaborative spirit it houses. Feel attracted to the core idea of participatory culture and also feel that several initiatives and discussions coincide with previous independent fragmentary ideas that I’ve kept nurturing in my head.

I’m a curious person with diverse knowledge and interests coupled with some artistic tendencies. In my adolescent years I was into playing music and making soundscapes/sound-art. Later got into programing and started working with
web-development. Have been tinkering with digital audio signal processing math,
and some ideas for video-games and stuff as a hobby.

Last couple of years I’ve experienced a shift in my psyche.
I’ve been a bit recluse, and don’t feel the same enthusiasm for my time and place anymore with an ill wind of cultural malaise sickness blowing in my heart. I’ve taken comfort reading in various contemplative subjects such as christian and Sufi mysticism,ancient metaphysical philosophy to name a few. Also trying my hand at writing some symbolic poetry with alchemical themes. I’m considering to pursue a classical liberal-arts education at guthenburg university at some point.

I am here in hope of connecting with people and would be very happy to partake in some collaborative process. In sections below I briefly present two areas of interests
(how do you tag posts?) with relation to projects and discussions I’ve discovered on the forum.

Linked Data

I got excited when reading about the project. I am not at all updated in what is happening and what needs to be done but I have seen the mention of the term semantic network analysis in connection to this project. I am not so familiar with this term but from my limited understanding it is related to semantic web technologies which I do have knowledge in. I have been trying to make a very general ontology for collaborative fictional worlds but would be more motivated work on it in connection to a project and with other people.

I first discovered and started to understand Tim berners lee’s (inventor of the http protocol) ideas about linked-data and semantic-web about four years ago. I encountered these ideas when I worked on a software project and was given the task to integrate a service called ksamsök. Ksamsök is an initiative that gives public access to digitized content from archives belonging to Swedish institutions and organizations working in cultural heritage domains. (such as museums and local history societies etc.) The content from these archives have very detailed inter-relational descriptions.

The understanding of these practices opened many imaginative doors in my mind of what is possible to create using these methods to describe things and building user interfaces allowing people to create meaningful inter-relational descriptions about data/content.
This in terms of collaborative fictional worlds and collaboration and social networking in general. To get a small peek into what was going on in my head back then one can read this short text I wrote on the topic.
(in the time of writing this I discovered that apparently has stopped rendering the html for some reason I don’t know but you can just save the file and run it locally)

Ecological Design

A year ago I discovered a biologist named John Todd. I became very influenced with his holistic thinking and his practical work where he builds what he calls living machines. The general principle of these living machines is to design habitats of linked ecosystems and using the services these ecosystems provide which harness continual natural energy flows turning sunlight and sewage water into clean water and possible food for humans. The living machines also need no/very minimal electrical power input to operate.

He began his research in the 70s with a group of people working under the name The new alchemy institute. They released a yearly journal which in detail describes their scientific experiments and is available to download here: I would like to be able to try and reproduce some of the things described in this journal with other people. I also see that it could be a powerful and poetic thing that can be ornamented with art in an urban environment that would stand in contrast to every other human activity in its surroundings which produces waste and demands huge amounts of power to function.

By reference in his writing he has led me to read other thinkers such as H.T Odum. To me he very clearly point a direction for the future and demonstrate what in the end a human being really is namely a species on planet earth that is part of a larger orchestration of species whom he/she is in partnership with. I truly recommend this video lecture that was a real eye opener for me.

I feel the traction of how we are moving towards an energy decent future. This even though many global leaders and popular cultural heroes of our time seems to be stuck in a transhumanistic boy dream. I guess they live in a reality surrounded with all this new technology, but they don’t seem to recognize the huge human and environmental costs it has taken to produce and to sustain it. I feel it is hard to maintain my integrity as a person where I have to live in this cultural lie that implies that it is possible to disjoint economy from ecology. Two people I’ve listened to with very sane ideas that express these notions better than I could are: David Holmgren (spokesman for permaculture)
Alf Hornborg (professor in human ecology and author of books explaining world systems theory)


Hej Anders,
welcome and nice to read you. There are several conversations and people with whom you might want to connect. For one the work on participatory culture and tech solutions @hugi is doing both within edgeryders and at huset blivande might be of interest. I know that @thornet @mrchrisadams and @btincq and Manuella Cunha Brito (check out her new initiative have been asking questions and exploring solutions at the intersections of tech and climate/decarbonisation/ emissions reductions and (equitable) human wellbeing. For the Scifi Economics Lab - you may like to have a chat with @alberto @yudhanjaya @Joriam . Alberto and Yudhanjaya are also looking into how it to connect the scifi economics lab’s worldbuilding exercise and Semantic Social Network related work. Maybe also @MariaEuler knows about some interesting conversations happening in the internet of humans scene.


Thank you for your welcoming message. You’ve provided me with a good map to start orienting and reading!

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design habitats of linked ecosystems and using the services these ecosystems provide which harness continual natural energy flows turning sunlight and sewage water into clean water and possible food for humans. The living machines also need no/very minimal electrical power input to operate.

This is at a town just a few hours from where I live. It’s the best example I can think of at the moment that seems to be what you describe above.

The Arcata wastewater plant uses some electricity, though not much and finishes its water treatment using the adjacent marsh.