Smart farming MAROC

Je suis MENGAR Mohammed, élève ingénieur et co-fondateur d’I-TERRA.
Besoin :

  • insécurité alimentaire.
  • dégradation des sols agricoles ( à cause de l’utilisation non rationalisée des engrais et pesticides.)
  • Rendement agricole médiocre.
  • station de contrôle agricole qui permet de collecter des données clés sur les plantations (température, humidité de l’air et du sol, rayons UV,…). Ces données sont ensuite affichées sur une application mobile qui permet à l’agriculteur d’irriguer au moment opportun.
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Bounjour Mohammed,

Welcome to edgeryders! Just to be sure I understand you correctly, what you want to do is to use data to do high precision farming;

Now what I would start by doing is to look around to see if there are already soil monitoring datasets available that you can use, at least for benchmarking. I know there are businesses that use data collected as a revenue source by selling it to third parties. Have you already spoken to people at the agriculture departments of universities, or ministries or even environmental associations?

As for resources already available on Edgeryders you can look here and see if there is anything useful to you:

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Someone else who has been looking at the issue and who has some skills relevant to what you are doing is Rapid livelihoods rebuilding via agriculture & health based livelihoods initiatives

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Bonjour Mohammed,

Cherche pour Sensorica Greensense, ca cest use project agricole et OS pour faire les chose comme ca.

Tibi, le coordinatuer la, parle aussi Francais (ils sont basé au Montreal)

Excuse ma mauvé Francais.

Aussi, led run chose quo sont imperatif an .ca moment cest me sensors pour assessé me Carbon dans le terre , at le relation de ca avec le cycle hydrologique.

Bonne chance ,



Aussi il y a le projêt Grow Observatory et le group la avez des sensors et le data-infrastucture avec use network trans-européan pour reserches


Also @Mohammed-MENGAR have a look at what @mrchrisadams and @Kathryn are doing next weekend in Berlin:

Perhaps this could be a possible opportunity for remote collaboration for some people who participate in the workshop? @mrchrisadams any chance you guys could do a recording or stream it somehow?

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Dear Nadia, hello,
thank you, I’m so pleased and I appreciate your interest.
exactly, the idea is about using data collected by our sensors to manage the irrigation process and use of pesticides and fertilizers.
So, relating to your question, our team was looking for partnerships with some agronomic institutes to access to agronomic knowledge (like optimal conditions of plant’s growth). In return, we give them the data sets that will help them in research. Therefore, it’s a win-win partnership between us and agronomic institutes and universities

thank you for your interest and your advices.

Pesticides and fertilizers are an incorrect approach to agriculture.
I encourage the study of Agroecology, of biological and regenerative farming principles,
and especially the work of Dr Elaine Ingham, and Christine Jones.

If you want to benefit nature and ecology, then this is the route away from its destruction by poor land use methodologies.