Solving energy problem in egypt by biogas

i am hany from egypt and i am so obsessed of energy problem in egypt and agriculture pollution . in same time government pay subcides for natural gas and gas cylinder by 2.5 billion pound per year , so i foundBiogas People ” as startup target use biogas as alternative fuel for domestic use and for heating chicken farms from huge amount produced yearly of organic waste  . to decrease subcidies & pollution and landfills .

hello again- I must admit am a fan of BIOGAS PEOPLE :slight_smile:

hello again

I commented on the other post befoew seeing this one :D:D sorry about that . So u r actually Hany from biogas people :D:D may be can u tell us more about the story of biogas people and how it evolved from a group on facebook to much more , I think there is alot to tell and I really want to know the story from u .

actually I haven’t been to any of ur workshops but I always wanted to and I have been following ur news from along time I think I meet u or someone else in an event in el azhar park as far as I remember :slight_smile:

Green energy rulez

Hey @matrikation, welcome to you. Congrats for doing work on green energy – it is much needed. Are you part of the Cairo university group working on biogas?

thx guys for your encourage comments , we started since december 2012 just to raise awareness about biogas and how we can use our organice waste to produce energy , we did alot of seminars in different universities and festivals then we found that it is potential oppourtunities to make it social business to help poor people to get their needs of cooking gas and compost , so we worked with GIZ & Cleantecharabia  to devolop biogas industry in egypt . and yes we involoved with Dr kohar in cairo university project

can u tell us more here

can u tell us more about biogas people here berfore the physical workshop :slight_smile: