Start Page: Test Page 1 (Nesta Format)

i really wish we could have the damned form to platform post functionality working. This shit is a nightmare. What a waste putting resources into Jamesbuilding something we cannot use :rage:

It does seem easier for it all to be in one place and that place is best on the platform as a registration. The question I think is, do we want to make people sign up to the platform before they can participate in any of our calls or events that will go on the record? I don’t see a way around it really. I haven’t registered on the platform in awhile…maybe I will try it again and see how easy or hard it is. I think in general the signup process is pretty ok. I think when a new user lands on the site there is a high probability they will get somewhat confused by the large amount of choices presented to them.

The form on the new site is pretty straightforward.