🗨 Status Report: What's Up With You?

Actually here is your answer… Ping @hugi

Riffing in my mind about “Sci Fi Economics” and how with this virus we are in it in real time. This unseen danger lurking on every surface and breath reminds me of the 1950s horror movies I used to watch as an almost steady diet. The ones like “The Blob”, “The Fog”, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” - all that. Not to mention “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” At the same time economies are collapsing into an unknown. What will be the status quo in say a year from now?

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2 Days Of 8 hour VIdeo Conferencing later…


My new strategy for dealing with the whole situation is to go for useless but cute (yes yes on top of all the handwashing etc).

It’s the new “never leave the house in ugly underwear”:


(Nadia: If you have a coffee or glass of water, it’s a good time to put it down :wink: )

As usual, I follow the opposite philosophy in both parts:

That’s when I went food shopping for my parents’ household last Monday at LIDL. People were trying to keep a straight face. Two guys took a picture. The cashier said: nobody’s gonna believe me when I tell them. :rofl:

(This respirator is not something lacking in hospitals. It is hacked together from old military gear that was sold as a decorative item. Hospitals don’t want these since one cannot wear these comfortably for more than an hour. If hospitals would want these, they can get tens or hundreds of thousands of new ones from the military.)


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Peak Matthias.

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Pleeeeese can you put asid two of them for me if you ever come across them again? There’s a delicious meal in it for you (Nepalese). Just seeing my sister’s face when I pop in the door wearing it would make my year. Plus if a friend and I wear while out walking we could cause quite the ruckus. SO WORTH IT.

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actually, thousands you say?

in an odd trun of events Uk pm has apparently tested positive

Hundreds of thousands. There’s at least one for every soldier in the personal equipment, and thousands more in stock. There are also usually a few thousands on offer on eBay from military surplus items that went beyond their shelf life or were replaced with newer models. If you want a decorative item, you can find the most weird stuff there (Russian ones with the tube coming out the mouth are the spookiest). If you want to use them as a protective mask, take care to test them properly first (basically do a respirator fit test).

hey @OCILab @zmorda @hugi I think we may have an initiative for the OCI lab… look :point_up_2:

I propose you can make the initiative similar to the Get Us PPE site, a campaign to procure, hack and make protective equipment for hospitals. It’s U.S. based, but a similar thing would be useful globally …

are you up for helping with this?

I will tell you all I know about the topic. No time for more hands-on help, sadly :expressionless:

As a Get Us PPE style initiative this makes sense. For the general public it would not make sense as there are just not enough of these masks around for everyone.

To my knowledge, healthcare workers prefer the FFP2 / FFP2 “filtering facepiece” single-use masks due to comfort in long shifts and because they don’t have to be disinfected. But if the situation gets much worse, they will need everything that can be made available. So yea, I think it makes sense.

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that’s already more than enough <3 we can take it from there.

USA now has the most active cases. National leadership would be a joke if it was SO not funny. I am doing ok so far, or so it seems.

there seems to be quite a lot of that going around.

This is a New York Times column about the influence of the evangelical right wing on the current administration, which explains at least in part, why they are so spectacularly incompetent in dealing with this crisis.

" For decades, Christian nationalist leaders have lined up with the anti-government, anti-tax agenda not just as a matter of politics but also as a matter of theology. Ken Blackwell of the Family Research Council, one of the Christian right’s major activist groups, has gone so far as to cast food stamps and other forms of government assistance for essential services as contrary to the “biblical model.” Limited government, according to this line of thinking, is “godly government.”

When a strong centralized response is needed from the federal government, it doesn’t help to have an administration that has never believed in a federal government serving the public good. Ordinarily, the consequences of this kind of behavior don’t show up for some time. In the case of a pandemic, the consequences are too obvious to ignore."

Yesterday we tired out @HadeerGhareeb game “didiasks” in a video call. Was good fun and social exercise :). But the call was disconnected a few times, so we thought about making the game into a discord thread.

This is the first start :). @HadeerGhareeb will ask us as a community her carefully designed questions for opening up socially.

The first one is about the future of communication. Have a look at the link and give your answer :).


Just watched this beautiful video. A reminder that all shall pass.

DANCE DANCE from Thomas Blanchard on Vimeo.