Summary of Community Call #7

Attending: @dorotea, @k11, @elena, @havartu, @noemi, @giuseppe, @leila_pais_de_mirand, @bembo_davies


We introduced the new minisite /t/lote3/312 which attempts to answer quick questions about Lote to people who dont have time to spare wandering through the entire

Social Media

New Instagram account which is to be set up by Elena aims to capture visual excitement around Lote. We need to encourage Instagram users in Edgeryders to generate content, and not rely solely on an official channel. Suggested hashtags: #sassi #Edgeryders #Lote #MT2019

Two event pages are being set up for Lote3, the first one on Epilogger is supposed to aggregate tweets, pictures, blog posts and other content before, at and after Lote. If you’re in those spaces, please help spread the word!

Social Media Team will start its coordinated activity Monday, August 5th, so expect interesting pieces of content surrounding Lote delivered to your email. If anyone wants to drop out or opt for another way to receive the content they can do so.

Locals in Matera

Giuseppe has volunteered to help get in touch with more people in the area who potentially can offer free or cheap accommodation. He will intermediate between Ilaria and myself, and local friends, using email. Thanks Giuseppe!

Other ideas that popped up were: let’s set up a sort of cultural guide to Matera and Italy in general, that would include key expressions in Italian and perhaps something like this :slight_smile:


  • [Giuseppe] gets in touch with potential hosts
  • [Elena Karlsen] will post short info and instructions for Instagram and how people should tag their photos for coordination.
  • [K] sets up a wiki with Q&A about Lote and terminology. A sort of “Lote for newbies”
  • [Dorotea] emails Social Media Team on Monday to get started on our 1-share-a-day routine.
  • [Noemi] helps with monitoring analytics and links, and helps select daily content to be shared.

What about the designers?

Great stuff! And thanks to [Giuseppe], this is going to be a really valuable contribution.

I suggest to try to involve in the next community calls the group discussing the unMonastery design. That’s a lively discussion that could provide lots of good content to the social media team. That group include [Ben], [immaginoteca], [antonioelettrico] and others (see the great debate here and in other threads on the unMonastery project space.


Good idea Alberto,

the next call will be on Friday, right?

Is there a page with community calls schedule?




Generally community calls take place each Friday 11 AM CET in the same google hangout. For a writeup and shareable link of our call there’s an event page that gets renewed from one week to another: so here it is, dated with next week, August 9th: /t/making-lote3/360/community-call-building-lote-the-unmonastery-edition

If you guys would like to add a short description of what you intend to discuss so we can spread the word and reach out to people who might be interested and join, feel free to do so or let me know, we can always change the event description.