Summary of unMonastery Community Call #6

Today’s call was focused on the LOTE3: unMonastery track, Guardian article and possible uses for the unMonastery building pre-February. 

Present were: Dorotea Mar, Fabio Malagnino, Alberto Cottica, Noemi Salantiu, David Ridge, Paolo Polverosi, and myself.

Going forward unMonastery community calls will be 11AM CET Mondays every week - LOTE3 community calls will be on Fridays, all at​. Points covered in the call were as follows.


  • The Cookbook: What should unMonastery contribute to the cookbook?

    There are a number of sessions that are already forming that could provide strong content for the cookbook. As it currently stands Nadia and Dorotea are taking the lead on this.

    Internet friends who I have known for a long time have recently expressed an interest in doing some design work for projects I’ve been working on, I’ve yet to follow up but I’d like to suggest to them that they help by designing the layout for the EdgeRyders Cookbook. I’ve got a rough idea on how this might work but will update when there’s time.

    Link to their work:

    Actionable: Dorotea or Nadia to form a group and share thoughts on what has been discussed so far.

    Actionable: Establish a workflow so others can pitch in.

    Actionable: Ben to speak with designers.

  • We're waiting on a update from Bembo on hosting committee and its relationship to the track/session
  • Program Dates update: Track 1 + Track 2 will happen from Thursday to Friday (Oct 31-Nov 1st) Track 3 the unConference happens over the weekend (Nov 2-3)

    Actionable: Ben to share with Noemi drafts of posts for sessions and call for facilitation. So that we can get them online!

  • Need a update on what Francesco needs to take the Co-design process forward.
  • Badges, mentioned in last weeks LOTE post, details here:

    Actionable: Look over Tessy’s designs and consider how they might be used during LOTE.

    Actionable: Ben to print hundreds and use safety pins to turn them into badges (low cost route)

  • Ola has said he will design things in addition but he needs a tight brief, with photo sketch of what is desired. If you haven't met Ola before, he is brilliant and is responsible for designing the logo among many other elements.

Travel: Just to reiterate, many of us are starting to book for Matera, Lote is 1 month away!

Whenever Edgeryders find good travel deals, they should be encouraged to share with

others to encourage people not to drop off at the last minute and we can bank on them being there – it also allows us to share travel tips. 


The Building:

  • Work starts today!!! Hoping to receive confirmation of this from Rita today.
  • What happens to the unMonastery between November and February

    An important point to consider, is that with the building being completed in time for LOTE or there abouts, we find ourselves with a building that would benefit enormously from being used in the lead up – it’s also important that we maintain some form of presence in the building prior to the launch.

    I’m personally considering spending Christmas in Matera, if others were interested in joining me, this though would need to be entirely self funded or fundraised for.

    Actionable: Write a post for a session focused on dreaming up what could be happening during this time and the logistics this might involve.

International Call:

  • Still need to boast numbers encourage people you know to apply. If you know someone who's thinking about it, chase them to apply.
  • Thesis Call still not been sent out to enough people, Primarily Dave Ridge and myself are going to pick this up.

    Actionable: Dave to take the lead on making this happen.

    Actionable: Others to share their connections, contacts and ideal looking courses to court the attention of.



  • Guardian Article, missed the deadline. This wasn't under control but thanks to the fast work of Alberto this has been fixed.


  • Twitter Press Conference Summary:


  • Twitter Press Conference Storify:
  • Website needs updating / and more italian translations. Fabio to pick up on this, but also, I am willing to share the password with comms team, if people want to collectively edit the site.
  • Website, I want to redesign the site but in the short term there are things missing, many eyes are better than one set of eyes for feedback and thoughts.

    Actionable: Write short post about redesigning the website, everyone to feed in on way it can be improved.

  • Dave Ridge is going to organise a monthly meet up in London, which is great news!

Hopefully this covers everything. Lots of things need doing, dive in? And please highlight anything I may have missed - we covered a lot.


Hi guys,

We have been working with students last week but I’m not satisfied of the results (with references here).

Students developed proposals for unMonastery but thery are not enough advanced to use them or they are too much complicated in order to be built without budget.

I am convinced that we should probably step back to the previous strategy of working with empty space as a minimalist “ready made” architecture and starting building things from there. From here, far away from the unMonastery, it is almost impossible to understand what we could do without detailed informations about tools, materials and, eventually, budget.

In the next week I will be travelling through Italy in a real unPilgrimage towards Matera.

I am not available on Monday for the unMon Call, but maybe I can join the LOTE call on Friday.



Modulable and Minimalistic

Hi Francesco,

I agree with you.

I have not been at Matera, but from what I perceive , but also based on my own conclusions through other experiences.

Possibly in the same axis as your last message ( ? ), I like to suggest modular , nomadic, minimalistic approaches, in open source research and development.

For example :

such as ; ; …

Also see :

and this pdf presentation by Eric Hunting :

Also of interest, this article on shareable about outdoor mobile public space in italy

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design issue

[immaginoteca] and [dante] ty so much for sharing your reflection. I know it’s hard to work remotely on such a sensitive topic and I do appreciate your efforts to make it happen.I totally agree on “empty space” and minimalistic approach for two kind of reason: first of all we’re going to design objects and furniture that will have a short lifetime (4 months) and second they’ll be hosted into spaces (an ancient building) which need to be flexible despite their inflexibility.

 I would like to give a suggestion: let’s try to fix some principles ( minimalistic, nomadic, modular) and give a track so that anyone can share personal ideas and /or design proposal. What I can do, on my side, is to share with you some moodboards that Politecnico di Milano students have made about Sassi 3 years ago (I can ensure that it’s really a good work) so that people who doesn’t have the possibility to come to Matera may have a clearer and fascinating vision of the Sassi’ words and feelings.

In addition, [immaginoteca] during the UnConference we’ll have the possibility to see the UnMonastery building and fix all the design issues: after that, we could manage the work online. 

What about it?

badges for mini workshops. need help?

Ben, following our discussion to take things off your back, wondering if you need help getting in touch with [Tessy] for the badges? Of course you know her better, but I’d like to help if contact was made and Tessy is kind enough to borrow us the design of the badges. We’d need at least 1 picture with each badge up close, to see if they are suited and then make up a story to describe each, so that every LOTE participant would know what they pick when they’ll choose to wear a particular badge.

In my understanding, the idea is to facilitate one-on-one encounters and ensure that in exchanges at mini workshops there is a good fit between what someone wants to learn and what someone else has to offer as a gift, as Bembo has put it.

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the building

dear [Ben] and you all, unfortunately works haven’t started yet, I really hope to have better news tomorrow. However we’re looking for other locations in the Sassi quarter. Anyway, altough I myself would have preferred much more the UnMon building for Lote, I do really think that, once you all are here, we’ll have the occasion to place additional pressure on City and make things go further for the residencies.

In my opinion it’s important that the UnMon building opens its doors to Materani (and whomever might be interested in) before february so if you could come for Christmas that would be great! In addition I’d like to do so that the MT2019 Community starts a collaboration with Edgeryders and helps us to make local promotion of the UnMon onsite (do you remember terrestrial towards aliens?); on the other side, Edgeryders could help the local online Community to develop missions towards MT2019. What about it?

International call

I can send the Thesis Call to some teachers from the Design School at Milan Polytechnic University and from Bocconi University (indeed some of the best italian schools). If you make a cover letter please send me a copy.


I can help with translation if you want

that’s it, sorry if I was not at the UnMon call but I’m trying to put some order in my messy life!

an unInhabitable unMo


This is some ways preferable – we are not forced to cram the entire LOTE into our precious, beautiful unMo space.

Instead, if we can visit it in groups and with specific missions, to for example look at furnishing, room use, talk with the walls.

It may be useful to have aspects of the unHalloween Feast drop by to visit and commune with the space - chanting and listening to the resonance.  We can also organise suitable sized work-gangs if there is anything like a general cleaning that needs doing… a service workshop.

Venues, sessions and posts

Dear all, this is really cooking up into something! 1 month to go: straight line.

  • how about the unMo is the basis for recovery, discovery, meeting point and press room and then we have the Altereno + Svibas venues for the sessions? They are really close by and ready to be used but it's important to block them starting from now
  • I would like to book a session so the MT2019 community can present projects to the ERs and start to share work, tools, skills and experience to develop them - if there is common interest! Which track is best? 
  • I can open the post for the unMo website redesign: where do I do it? 
  • A lot of Materani use Facebook: I saw that an event was created in English. Should we do in Italian too? Anyone up for translation? 
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Some answers

I think one of you Ilaria or Rita should make the decision about the venue - since you are more familiarized with the spaces available. The sooner we have a final call on that and know that venue(s) have been booked the better, so we can let everyone know and post map+ directions. What I can say based on the responses and confirmations I received from participants is that we can expect roughly 100, so capacity to hold us all + minimum 2-3 rooms + wi fi are prioritary! Then of course, the closest to the unMonastery these new venues will be the better, no?

If we use the unMon as welcome space, meeting space and press it’s great!  

You can book a session for Matera 2019 in Making Lote 3, and start by tagging it with Track 1: upSkilling. If the time you need is a whole afternoon than we might as well place it in the unConference and therefore hold it in the weekend (Saturday?).

About the Facebook event: I say let’s be generous with the languages we use there. If you and Materani need to coordinate something and use the event page, do it in Italian, I don’t think anyone will mind! we don;t like facebook for much coordination,  but we are surprisingly eager to use it (see Tiago’s post for coordinating with Portuguese)! So if things start to move fast there and people get in touch easier with one another, than so be it. After all, we’re talking 3 weeks. For the rest of us understanding both languages it will be easier to repackage progress into posts here. 

I really like Noemi

I agree with everything she says -

At this point them closest to reality make necessary decisions - we periferal flexible people will then adapt.

If it is necessary to expand and spread the LOTE over several spots, then there will be more room to meet the surroundings.  If it then gets unfocussed, we will devise something to re-focus the work.

Inserting Italiano into the Facebook page is highly desirable.  If people are most familiar with FB let communication happen there.

Only question is if this has to be over say 40% for everyone to feel comfortable with speaking what comes naturally.


taking decision

[Noemi] I’m in touch with MT2019, Municipality (which is in charge with the works) and Mimers (who are in charge with projects and will assist the construction management!): in addition I’m an architect and I do have a clear idea of spaces.  Actually nothing has been definitely booked 'cause I’m waiting for some answers about the UnMonastery building: the situation it’s a little bit messy and it’s hard and uneseless to share all the problems, much more better to find solutions! BTW, I’m trying to keep it under daily strict control :wink:

As soon as I’ll be updated, I’ll return info to you all and I’ll make a clear map with locations and room capacities, distancies between venues, etc. Ok?

Works for me

Sure Rita, you do your thing and we’ll follow. Too little time anyway to get picky :slight_smile:

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