Team biweekly 23/3 Agenda

This is the proposed agenda for tomorrow:

  • welcome to Veronica, the new ethnographer

  • POPREBEL new extension and more budget

  • POPREBEL final event progress

  • EC Audit preparations

  • TREASURE updates on the ongoing work - onboarding events

  • New proposals: JEDI, PANPOP, Biennale.

Please edit directly if you have other points.

@alberto @ivan @matthias @hugi @martin @nadia


Treasure: we need a lot more help with getting people to the events.

@Nica :slight_smile:


Welcome @Nica !

The update on the meeting I had with Jan and Richard Monday on the impact conference.

Ok so we agreed with @Nica:

  1. Have a look at OE Manual and post any questions in comments: 📗 Open Ethnographer Manual

  2. Introduce Nica to Poprebel ethno team on the platfor ping @alberto

  3. Schedule demo of software, methodology and previous outputs with @alberto and @nadia

  4. Work with @ivan Ivan and Nadia on car events ethnographie work framework

  5. Schedule ethnography handover call for @Nica with @amelia if possible?

Happy to do a demo, @nica!

On it. On Fridays (15.00 CET) that group meets, we will introduce Nica also in person.

On it.

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