Team biweekly 27/7 Agenda

This is the agenda for the biweekly, same as last time. Please add any new points you wish to discuss:


  • final conference updates
  • coding process


  • updates on onboarding events and related activities
  • D4.5 Report on ethnography of CE in the automotive industry (1st version), deadline August

@alberto @matthias @hugi @martin @ivan @Nica

See you tomorrow at 17h.


Hello @marina - please send me the link - IT-cleaning purged it accidently. Regards, Martin

Here it is.

From my side, POPREBEL wise:

  • the site of the conference is up (nice work @owen!)
  • I have been organising the consortium members in the respective panels
  • when @nadia comes back, we will close together the external guest speakers.

Treasure tactics update:

  • Starting from the content on CE (here the conversations) produced by Inge and Ivan - we organise 2-3 onboarding events this autumn and use it for further coding.
  • Inge follows the thread coming out of the interview with Peter, the Georgia story and Women Automotive Network.
  • We keep an eye on Europe based events on CE-auto and organise our workshops within.
  • @Nica explores possible events in the States
  • Ivan reaches out to the NY State based members of the Advisory board and checks possible threads.
  • Possible guests on events - University of Zaragoza/Holst center researchers
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