TechBlick 07 - Chris [EN]

Do you currently own a car?


Which kind of car is it?

It’s a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Is it a hybrid or petrol or electric?

It’s petrol. Petrol? Yes.

What personal or professional experience have you had with electronics in cars you have used?

Primarily on the entertainment system, I would say. You know, I think in my current current model, it’s still somewhat somewhat old technology by today’s standards. But you know, it does have interaction with everything from garage doors and CarPlay interface and that sort of thing.

Any issues?

No. No.

Do you have concerns about privacy and personal data stored in car electronics, for example, GPS or navigation?

Yes. Yeah, absolutely. I think the, you know, recording of driving behaviour in this sort of thing and feeding that back into insurance and affecting, you know, potentially what, what kind of coverage I’m going to have in the future is certainly.

And what about these electronics? If the electronics device is reused to another person?

Well, I think I’m pretty diligent about clearing what can be cleared. Obviously, you know, particularly like in an automobile, it’s hard to say really what is stored there and for for how long and what’s permanent or not.

Are there general concerns about privacy in thinking about circular economy practice? Reusing.

Well, you know, certainly I think if there’s stories about people who weren’t diligent and, you know, their private data was was somehow exploited after they gave up a particular electronic or car or whatever. That’s certainly not a good thing, right? It’s going to lower confidence and people wanting to participate in the recycling.

So does recycling. And reusing means different things to you?

I think they’re one and the same. I mean, in terms of it’s just a matter of the process in between, you know, when something for something to get reused, whether or not it’s there’s a separate process to get into a condition where it can be.

On a scale of 1 to 5, one means not at all concerned, and five means extremely concerned. How concerned are you about issues of of. Of environmental waste and pollution.

So five being extreme, I would say, you know, maybe maybe four.