TechBlick 16 - Margit [EN]

Do you think the automotive industry do promoting a circular economy? or Not yet.

Not yet.

But can they do it or what can they do?

Okay, when there is the change to electric cars. And with the. With the policies towards it that every battery have to be, have have to have its own passport. And this, this helps to make it more circular because you can follow up and you can use it in a second life and you can recycle it later on. And there is a chance, I don’t know, for the other parts of the car. I see for the electric cars. Big opportunity and using that. Yeah.

Do you currently own a car?


Which kind of car? Is it.

A hybrid.


Yeah. And I tell you one thing I use. I don’t drive far distances because I have to use the train or the airplane when I go to South Africa, and I use it only at home in town, and I use only the electric part of it because I don’t drive far distances. The battery holds 80km and you can in a town. The shopping. In this part it’s not a problem. And when it’s possible, I walk because I need the exercise.

What? Personal or professional experience have you had with electronics in cars? You have used?

Okay. It works so far. I have in the car, but my husband and I have. There’s not a problem so far and the car is not a new one. It’s actually one of the first generations of of the of the hybrid.

Do you have concerns about privacy and personal data stored by car electronics, for example,GPS or things like that?

They have it anyway when you use a cell phone. Sorry. It’s true. It has advantages. Also it has not disadvantages. But life will change. We are. We are in a technology revolution where other countries do bad things. What we see at the moment. And this will change in the younger generation will think about this totally different as the older generation. And anyway, when when you use a mobile device, it can be a laptop. It can be. Um. Microsoft. And Apple knows everything about you.

Does recycling and reusing mean different things to you?

Yes. Yes. Reuse is that you don’t dismantle a thing and use it. And recycling is that you put it in part and use the parts for other things. It’s a difference.

On a scale of 1 to 5, one means not at all concerned, and five means extremely concerned. How concerned are you about issues of environmental waste and pollution?

I have to think about it. It’s a very complex question. In the actual. Political environment. I think it could tend towards that. We have no chance to make it better. It’s it’s a very what I see in the world and seeing different parts of the world. It’s very labil (unstable, auth.). So. What was won was what you said. The rating was one no concern and five was the biggest concern. Very extremely concerned. No, it’s not extremely concerned. It depends very much on the future. I would say three, when we would have the luxury that the political situation would in the world would be more stable. What it isn’t and it is it isn’t for us, I think. Then. My concern would be higher is what I’m saying now, because the first thing is. In the political climate. That we achieve in our environment where we are living, that we can live in the way, in this luxury, what we have done in the past.

Uh, what, if any, actions do you take in your life to promote sustainability?

I talk to people if possible, when they would like to hear it. I try to. Not to talk directly. But when in family, somebody do something and say this is necessary. Simple stuff. And I think when everybody uses a simple approach, it could help a lot. Not from politics, privately. But I’m not green. Screen. But I’m not.