The Networked Culture Conversation Series

Wow, thanks @jasonschumann :smiley:
The events in UK will be in Bedford, hosted by Alex. Or do you mean others…? We are going where people around here show interest in hosting them. Hence Yerevan completely as a surprise :-))

Thanks for sharing, I will definitely give you a headsup when we publish the official invite for Brussels,
Now everything you see in the Culture Squad is the team at work, so a lot of ideas and drafts :slight_smile: (btw the page loads properly for me… maybe there was a hiccup yesterday?)

hi @noemi

Re events in the UK, I was meaning L’pool, Nottingham etc. If there aren’t any I can put a call out the networks I mentioned.

Let me know.

As i said in my other post, you’re welcome to put the word out to other networks who may be interested in organising their own iterations.
The key is always for them to feed back into the networked conversation online (more details very soon, we’re just finalising the digital portals)
I may be able to participate directly if there are other UK orgs that want to join in, but each group should really self-organise so that what they are discussing is relevant to their local context.