The Overweb Challenge - 21st January

We are multidimensional beings flattened down into a 2D web that channels our attention against our own interests.

Let’s break free from collective cognitive control!

On January 21, we are hosting the Overweb challenge to hack our idea of what the web can be. Tracks for developers, business, and social impact.

Features sensemakers Nora Bateson of, Jamie Joyce of, Fred Brown of the Forbes Funds, and more.

Join us at

What you can do here:

  • Connect with other participants before the event to form teams. (“Reply” in this thread and introduce yourself)
  • Discuss, present and develop your project. (Press the “+ New Topic” button in this category to start a new thread about your project)
  • Reach a wider community of interested free spirits thinking and making a better internet. (Check out the “Internet of Humans” forum)

Let’s help each other realising ideas that could help everyone!

Tips for what information to include about your project:

  1. What is your project about? What’s the problem it solves and how?
  2. What stage are you in?
  3. What do you need concrete help with? Feedback? People? Skills? Guidance? Clarity?

The Overweb Challenge is a little more than a week away and there are almost one hundred registrants. Edgeryders is providing a forum for participants to connect before, during, and after the conference.

If you have a team or are forming a team and are you are looking for members, reply here with the focus of the team and what you are looking for in terms of skills or expertise.

If you are wanting to join a team, reply with your skills, expertise, and/or interests here.

Connect with other participants here:

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