The Reef: Membership and Economic Model (Draft)

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Thanks for the tip. For further reference, I looked them up and they’re probably these guys:

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Assets as well as activities: Different but complimentary models

I very much liked what @Patrick_Andrews was saying about separating assets from activities. With regards to ownership of the property. Have heard about and seen many promising intitatives being priced out of their communities because of landlords raising prices on them. So a possible way around it could be what Patrick proposes…


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They have an interesting price regulation btw

They are making a shart with warm it would cost classically if you get the space in the general market. : regular prices, social prices and what the cost are I’m the building divided by the meter square. Still is up to you too give what you think it is worth. They are testing it on the food and it works they will do it on the house rent


Alternatives to Impact Hub business model

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It was nice to catch up with you @Noemi and @Nadia and meet @Maria(hope I tagged the right one) this morning. So exciting that ER is taking the initiative to build this new model of work and life!

Here are some of my reflections coming from my experience in sustainable tourism industry, managing an artist in residency program and a couple of co-working spaces in Yerevan, Armenia:

- At Nest AiR that I currently manage in Yerevan we have daily, weekly and monthly fees(the latter ones are the cheapest naturally) but we do accept guests free of charge in return of services(maintaining our website/garden, content writing, fundraising, etc). My suggestion would be to find a way to measure the contribution of the guests timewise(i.e. hours of work contributing to the project equals number of days of free accommodation) which would eliminate the risk of devaluation.

- @Nadia mentioned we need to focus on short term revenues, so in this case the above mentioned suggestion of remote membership when members pay ahead will work best imho. Leasing as suggested by @Alberto also makes sense when people paying monthly rent  eventually become owners.

  • Some ways of contributions that I could imagine for this space: childcare for the residents who are parents(kind of a homeschool), maintaining the space, administration, fundraising, cooking for the community, etc

I myself not able to contribute financially am ready to offer in kind payment like managing the space, marketing/sales and some of the above-mentioned services.


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