The Reef pitch: first version

Praktik was my immediate association with it. Anyway, ontology - I feel I got it on first view - vague but specific enough for me.

Sorry, @nadia, that came up harsher than I intended. Thanks for the pointer. What I like in that website is the three sentences home page: but their language, I think, is not simple at all. I’d rather stick with co-living space.

@chantal_vanoeteren @noemi @BaobabUrbain I now consider the pitch to be good enough for starting the work. The short version is now on We will add other pages from the text on Google (at least one with the ecosystem stuff), and beautify the website. We will also improve the pitch itself, but now I would propose we actually start the outreach work.

Chantal, what else do you need to start your first task, mapping of stakeholders? I assume the beautification is irrelevant, because for now you are not going out and talking to people, just making a list of who we should talk to.

fyi points to the edgeryders academy site… is it just my browser?

Yes :slight_smile:

Hello Alberto

I am working on it and I will send you a first list very soon. I have a busy week now but I will send you a list before the end of the weekend.

I hope this is ok for you.

Have a nice day and I will get back to you soon with some more info.


Perfect, @chantal_vanoeteren! I just wanted to make sure I am not holding you back.

You probably visited it before and now the old content is cached. Double reload (“F5, F5”) should fix that.

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