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And I’m interested to hear them! Very off the mark effort estimations were the reason I nearly dropped all my self-employment in 2010. So I feel with you, but I can’t help :frowning: Because since 2010 I only learned to estimate software project effort better, but project and personnel mgm is a completely different thing and follows other rules …

For this project, I can do the basic preparations of “my” tech sprint workshop, and be present of course, in order to not add even more to your plate. I’ll need some advice / assistance for Brussels specifics but will tell you when that becomes relevant. (I have some basic concept for that event by now and will hash that out in a few days, in writing.)

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At a quick check in today, we discussed:

Community workshops: (Isabelle and Noemi)
Isabelle: We launched the workshops and calls.
-met someone from Uni of Rotterdam -teacher of architecture, would like students to participate in the co-design part.
-needs to focus on outreach for the events: key target is people who are considering co-living
Noemi: covers the gaps in how the project unfolds.
-contracted video making services to capture the workshops (3 deliverables: 2x1min videos after first two + 1x3min video at the end, released early December)
-contracted social media comms ahead of workshops (Filip&co.)
-contracted Manuel to help with 2 interviews and storytelling
-> new page needed on the website with Workshops description (set up by Noemi)

Technical sprint (Matthias):
Scheduled for 25 November for a limited group of participants at The Reef. Two ways to get people to attend:

  1. pay for the expertise and lead an area of discussion/solutions mapping 2) other people might want to join because paid/ higher profile people are there
    -2-3 breakout groups - recorded; that is input material
    -preliminary invites go to people in the Networking Green Buildings wiki: Noemi to add others from Brussels and recommend to Matthias.

-> new topic/ website page with the sprint description
-> Matthias and Ilaria to both come to Brussels for about 2 weeks, possibly look for shared accommodation. 10th - 26th November

Graphic design for TheReef.Brussels website:
-should be finalised by 15 October + the website

Partnership building
Call on Wednesday: Go through the list and make a selection of the people who are going to be pitched; Add Municipalities

Isabelle shared knowledge on two candidate buildings. Both of them are beautiful places but they don’t belong to public authorities. Story: We want to work by example. This type of building is relatively common, better for working on them.

  1. on Bvd. Lemmonier - residential, belongs to a real estate company. 3 floors 500sq2 with level 0 frontshop.

  2. in Koekelberg - industrial, belongs to an NGO, former printing factory (Fr. usine), 2000sq2 -requires a lot of investment in works. Might be possible for Matt to visit it ahead of the tech sprint.

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Yep. On the plus side, remember: this is “mess by design”:

What is going on is not that our normal model is unsustainable. Rather, we are flexing our muscle, trying our hand at a new way of working. I have my own preliminary findings. In general, if this does not work it does not work, we will just drop it. No big deal.

We need to give Lorenzo the copy to insert in all the different materials, which are:

  • Website graphics

  • Social media banners/covers ( N1 Facebook Banner, N1 Facebook Cover, N1 Twitter sized visual for branded posts )

  • A4 folded brochure (which will contain infos about The Reef, not the workshops - provided by us as we agree to start)

  • Stickers , N1 design but in a colour scheme, the same chosen for the minisite (solarpunk looking)

  • A3 one side poster template with the main visual

Specifically, I need to give him the text to be included in the brochure + the correct copy for the three workshops.

Please, help me with this :slight_smile: @noemi @alberto @matthias @BaobabUrbain

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I can send you the Workshop banners copy, hopefully today or tomorrow.

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Here it is Ilaria:

Feel free to copy this into a document and send:

I am sending you an email attachment of photos for the last part.

Please ask them to provide the templates for social media on Canva or similar!
At a minimum, the backgrounds without texts should be shared.

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I would like to have a core team meeting as soon as @Matthias and @Ilaria arrive in Brussels to discuss progress and reporting. I propose 12 November at 11 AM, works?

@ilaria please be prepared to explain to us how reporting and reimbursement will happen.

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I think on 12 November @alberto (and maybe me too?) has to be at the academic seminar post SciFi Economics Lab.
Maybe the day after?

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Hello everyone! @noemi encouraged me to introduce myself to the team, as I will be working on the comms for the Reef project in November, both to promote the two remaining workshops and to streamline the message about the project in a way in which it’s easy to read and appealing to the relevant audiences. My name is Raluca, I’m a Romanian who lived in Belgium for 2 and a half years then returned home. I work in digital marketing and communication for 9 years now and I am no stranger to freelancing and to working with nimble teams spread all around the world. I am looking forward to e-meeting you and working with you!


I am thinking of rewriting a bit the copy for the newsletter registration page. These were my goals:

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I think it works, thanks!

NB It’s not the newsletter registration page, it’s a call to join us in the project.
Perhaps starting a newsletter would also be good to have, for those who can’t attend the workshop - i’m just afraid we won’t be able to run it properly after this month…

welcome @ralu :grinning: i am not sure what is the page we are working on here:confused: where is this call to action going to be placed? thanks

Hello @noemi could you please tell me more info about this directory, where is it located and how is structured? I am finding some people on the way and I would like to add them there.thanks.

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We have to think about it,
The default is we consider everyone who attended at the workshops and interviews as a Reef community member, for sure.
But many of those we meet are interested and exploring communal living, not necessarily ready to say whether they would like to live at The Reef per se.

As a follow up after the 3rd workshop, we can set up a mailing list with this question - everyone who is willing to consider being part of it as inhabitant can sign up. We each share that mailing list registration and those who do say yes will constitute this directory. Would that work?

For the moment, it would mean holding your contacts in mind and send them the invite in 2 weeks.

ok ! we can have a chat about it definitely. in my opinion this is one of the most valuable things we are doing: all the people who come to workshops and show interest must be in some kind of structured database (CRM ) so that we can continue providing value to them in the future .

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they are in a spreadsheet, but only those who have gone throuhg the registration form. That;s why I tell @BaobabUrbain that we should be able to keep track of everyone who’s been approached and maybe not participating, but are interested for the future!
Including strategic contacts outside of Brussels with whom we’ve been in touch!

Maybe we sort this out together in a next co-working day?

ok cool. yes let’s do that.