Translations of basic text for the site

I like the short re-written summary Inge!!
And these which you suggested :

  1. Most popular stories
  2. Share your story
  3. About EdgeRyders - this spelling with capital E and R makes it easier to read
  4. Browse the forum

@Richard can perhaps help with the German version.

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I like @noemi suggestions, they are easy to understand even for not yet members.

For the German:

  1. Beliebteste Geschichten
  2. Teile deine Geschichte
  3. Über EdgeRyder
  4. Browse das Forum (also used in German, otherwise Erkunde das Forum)
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my suggestions you mean? :wink: i know there was a lot of text, it’s hidden in there somewhere tho :smiley:

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True, sorry. Nice work with the topics and options @inge :slight_smile:

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The share your story thing is so complicated in Polish ! :slight_smile: I’d rather keep it this way because the story is such a big thing and I imagine it to be a bit intimidating if you ask people to tell stories. Tell about yourself is a bit narrowing - but these mostly are personal stories. Not sure :slight_smile:

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I do agree to some degree on this point with @natalia_skoczylas - but I also don’t think we should overcomplicate (in English): “Most Popular Stories” and “Share Your Story” works well in English (although story is still quite heavy to ask from people). So let’s be flexible in terms of translations


  1. Best gelezen
  2. Vertel iets over jezelf
  3. Over EdgeRyders
  4. Browse het forum

Id go with tell us about you.

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and basic text in Dutch:
Werkeloosheid, onze Nederlandse identiteit onder druk, onduidelijkheid over onze toekomstige pensioenen, en het hele klimaat vraagstuk. Een fijn leven leiden in deze onzekere tijden kan moeilijk zijn. Hoe probeer jij dat te doen? In je werk? Met je gezondheid? En hoe zit het met je familie of vrienden?

PS: I’ve been living outside of the Netherlands, basically, since 2007 (I was back in 2008/2009 but parttime in Brussels, so that doesn’t really count). And I’ve been following Dutch news, but I didn’t necessarily know what was keeping the Dutch up at night. Until now. Cuz I’ve checked a few research outcomes and the dutch national broadcaster’s opinion-panel ( for this translation, and it made me really really sad. Like, I kinda knew NL had become more nationalistic and conservative (and bigot, sexist, racist), but I didn’t really know? If you know what I mean. Now I am sad.
(and don’t get me wrong, NL’s always been secretly nationalist, bigot, and racists, but it was more behind closed doors and less all out in the open).


  • “Co nás pálí” or “Nejčtenější”
  • “Přidej se k fóru” or “Přidej se ke konverzaci”
  • “O organizátorech”
  • “Prohledávej témata”
  • “O Edgeryders”
  1. Nejčtenější příběhy
  2. Sdílejte Váš příběh
  3. O EdgeRyders
  4. Prohlížejte fórum

Thanks everyone, for translations and suggestions, you can preview the site here -

@inge @natalia_skoczylas @MariaEuler @Jirka_Kocian

There are a few parts still missing, could you take a look at the site and post the equivalent texts (aside from the individual Bios and Posts…) in the respective languages. Thank you!

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Looks good to me, @owen!

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the tag wheel - clever!

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  1. Najčitanije priče (most read stories), Najpopularnije priče (most popular stories)
  2. Podeli svoju priču (share your story) maybe add “sa nama” (with us)
  3. Vise o EdgeRyders (more about EdgeRyders), standard is just to put “O nama”, (about us)
  4. Pretraži forum

Are you only focusing on Serbia or also Croatia/Bosnia? It’s almost the same language and if you focus on more than one country maybe call it Serbo-Croatian for the sake of political correctness…it’s a complicated region :smiley:

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Thanks so much! We are focusing on Serbia, but yes, have been advised the same by our university partners: language Serbo-Croatian.

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Is it possible for different languages to get only stories in that category?

For example, for Polish, when you click on the main menu on the left, we should get only content from:

Also, where did you get these numbers? 112 Topics by 22 users. Are these users only topic creators?

Alberto’s post from early June mentioned 40 participants.. They are authors of both topics and comments, and maybe those numbers have a stronger effect…

Yes that’s the idea!

Only topic creators. Not easy to get that number from the endpoint but… I can include all ‘members’ listed in the category instead.

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