📗 Travel Manual




1. Booking travel for Edgeryders (DRAFT)

2. Booking travel for Edgeryders (LEGACY)

3. Visa requirements

1. Booking travel for Edgeryders (DRAFT)

This is a proposal of a new process for travel booking, still in development.

1.1. Booking of trip

Google forms: Travellers should fill out form online provided in (https://docs.google.com/forms/) (not developed yet). information filled can be directly collected by agent.
Information filled by travelers in google forms can be easily export or print for later
use such as stacking data together in single file.

Pros and cons:

  1. Its fast and efficient way to build.
  2. Travel agent must monitor the form input regularly unless it is informed by in travellers.
  3. Can be easily developed in little amount of time.
  4. We have to research or develop the softwares to process the information provided by travellers.

Web app: We can create similar to the web application for collecting form submission. (like we did on dynalist notification software)
This way administrator can directly interact and process with data submitted.

Pros and cons:

  1. We have full control over out data flow.
  2. Its fully customizable.
  3. It can help others if it is open sourced.
  4. We can trigger notification in case there is user interaction in user input.
  5. Developing cost can take over time and can be expensive. (developer’s time cost).
  6. We can develop automated way to process of documents (pdf creation template, save to drive, integrate with google calendar api, freeagent, etc)
  7. Communication directly with travellers through the software.

1.2. Communication

[TODO: Content of this section.]

2. Booking travel for Edgeryders staff (LEGACY)

2.1. What is this?

We are experimenting with an informal in-house travel agency. The following are the processes to run and use this service. We will update them as we learn how best to do things.

2.2. Preparations

  1. Agent: set the edgetravel tag to “Watching”. To do so, navigate to https://edgeryders.eu/tags/edgetravel. Next, locate the drop-down menu on the top right, directly under your avatar (by default it shows the icon of an empty circle). Click on it, then select “Watching”. The icon changes to an exclamation mark within the circle. You only have to do this once. This means you are immediately notified by e-mail of everything that happens with that tag. You should be watching carefully for those notifications: maybe add a filter to your email that marks these notifications as important. Ask for help if you need it.

2.3. Who can book a trip?

All current Edgeryders collaborators can initiate a booking. If you are unsure about whether it’s OK to travel on behalf of the company, check with your project manager or any director.

2.4. Booking a trip

  1. Traveler: make a travel request by opening a topic on edgeryders.eu. The topic should ideally be in the Workspace category of the project that the trip is for. For example, if you are traveling for the Future Makers project, you should put in the “Workspaces → Future Makers Global” category. The “Workspaces → Company” is also acceptable, for non-project related trips or when the Workspace category is “too public”. In the topic, of course let Anna know where you are going and when, give her all the necessary info.

    • Important: mark the topic with the edgetravel tag, using the small field above the “Create Topic” button on the editor form.

    • Also important: let the agent know any specifics about expense justification rules (see below).

  2. Agent: prepare an itinerary to propose to the traveler. To arrive at a decision, you will need some back-and-forth, that can be done either here on Discourse or through the chat.

  3. Traveler: approve the agent’s proposal. This is your responsibility.

  4. Agent: make the booking, and pay by appropriate means. Record the booking by means of a post to the topic that requested the trip: this “closes” the request. Record traveller name(s), dates, amounts and means of payments. Do not skip this step, as it causes the accounting to fall out of sync with the bank account.

  5. Agent: ensure that the traveler has all the necessary information. Suggestion (used by Alberto and Irene): record the trip as an event in the traveler’s Google Calendar. Add all information, like airport name, reservation numbers etc. Attach documents (eg. tickets) to the event as needed.

  6. Agent: for flights, take care of online check-in. Add boarding passes to the traveler’s Google Calendar.

2.5. Other ways to book trips

It can happen that trips are booked by directly talking to Anna via phone or Matrix, without going through the opening topic in set 1. In this case, Anna should open the topic herself, going directly to step 4.

2.6. Justifying expenses

Steps in order of execution:

  1. Agent: Acquire a proof of purchase and save it in Google Drive

    1. Upon making the booking, retain a proof of purchase. This will ideally be an invoice (example: Airbnb). It could also be a simple confirmation email (example: most airlines). The proof of purchase must include the price paid by the company for the booking.

    2. Save the PDF according to the following naming scheme. If you need additional help, see the “Bills and payment requests: file naming scheme” in this post:

      [bill booking date][project name][sender][optional sender’s bill number or bill content].[filetype]

      For example: 2015-10-15_FutureMakersNepal_MareenAdhikari_wage.pdf

    3. Copy the file from your computer into the Edgeryders Google Drive:

      • If you paid with the LHV card, put it here.
      • If you paid with the HSBC card, put it here.
  2. Agent: Create a bill on the platform

    1. Log in to FreeAgent, and navigate to “Bills → Add new bill”.

    2. Select the vendor from the “Contact” drop-down menu (ex. Opodo, Airbnb). If you don’t find one, click on “Add new contact”. Important: when you create a new contact, make sure you enter their country of incorporation. If you don’t do this, FreeAgent will assume they are Estonian, and treat VAT differently.

    3. Add a reference number. This is the invoice number or a confirmation number.

    4. “Bill date” should be the date of the purchase. Ignore the “Due on” field.

    5. Add the total amount paid. Important: whatever the currency that you made the payment in, FreeAgent will record all bills in EUR. Use https://xe.com or any other currency exchange website to convert your payment into EUR.

    6. Add the VAT. Click on the drop-down menu next to “% VAT”, then:

      • Always select 0 if booking flights or international trains.
      • If booking accommodation, select “Amount”. A new field appears. Enter here the VAT amount you find on the hotel’s invoice. If you are in doubt, select 0.
    7. Add the category. Click on the drop-down menu and select “Travel”.

    8. Use the Comments field to add relevant information like the traveller’s name and destination, maybe the date too. Something like “Accommodation for Noemi in Tbilisi, 15-17 September”. This makes it easier to do the reconciliation in the accounting system.

    9. From the drop-down menu next to “Link to project”, select the project that the booking refers to. If you don’t see an appropriate choice, leave it blank for now and ask the traveller or person responsible for the booking.

    10. Always leave the “Recurring options” field as “Does not recur”

    11. In the “Attachment” field, upload the proof of purchase PDF from your computer.

    12. Hit “Save”.

  3. Edgeryders admin: Reconcile the bank account payout with the bill

    1. Download the account statement from the online banking facility, then upload it onto FreeAgent.

    2. Reconcile payouts with the bills. You may observe small differences due to fluctuations in exchange rate, but the information contained in the bill should be sufficient to associate outs to bills.

3. Visa requirements

3.1. Introduction

The Edgeryders community is growing and we are having more gatherings in different places, Besides having a growing community outside of Europe.

This means some more travel and having to deal with more bureaucratic procedures to apply for different visas as sadly if you don’t have a European or US or another “powerful” passport then you have more chances to apply for visas before traveling.

This Wiki is made for documenting "how to apply to a visa for [COUNTRY] if you are from [HOME-COUNTRY]"

  • Please edit the wiki with the info you know from personal experiences and/or info you find on Internet

  • you can add the info in the local language as this wiki is meant to help locals getting their travel documents.

3.2. Morocco

If you are Tunisian:

You are lucky, visa is not required for a period of 90 days.

لا تحتاج لفيزا يمكنك دخول المغرب والبقاء لمدة 90 يوم بدون فيزا

Source: Wikipedia on “Visa policy of Morocco”

If you are Egyptian:

عنوان السفارة : 10 شارع صلاح الدين – منطقة الزمالك – محافظة القاهرة.

المواعيد : السفارة بتستقبل طلبات يومين بس فى الاسبوع الاتنين والخميس ( بناء على ما هو مذكور على الانترنت واخر محاولة لى للتقديم فى اغسطس 2017 )

ملحوظة: لحد اغسطس 2017 السفارة بتفتح الشباك ساعتين فقط من 10 ل12 و ده بيسبب زحمة وممكت تروح ومتلحقش توصل للشباك …فروح بدرى …اوى

ملحوظة تانية : مفيش اى معلومة عن الوقت ولكن من كلام الناس اللى فى الطابور فى اخر محاولة بائسة لى كانت تقديراتهم من 18- 21 يوم …فحاول تقدم شهر بدرى عن تاريخ السفر

ملحوظة كمان : ارقام التليفون اللى موجودة على الانترنت غير صحيحة ومحدش بيرد على الايميل

الاوراق المطلوبة

من منتدى “للهجرة معا”

  1. جواز سفر مصري ساري المفعول على الأقل أن يكون جواز السفر ساري لمدة 6 أشهر، ويفضل سنة، بالإضافة إلى صورة عن جواز السفر.

  2. عدد 3 صور للشخص المتقدم على التأشيرة المغربية، شرط أن تكون الصور بخلفية بيضاء مقاس 3 في 4 ، وأن تكون الصور ملتقطة حديثاً.

    “تقبل السفارة الصور التي تم التقاطها خلال آخر 6 أشهر قبل التقدم على فيزا المغرب، أيضاً على الشخص أخذ عدد صور أكثر من 3 صور، فلربما تطلب السفارة صور أخرى”

  3. فيش وتشبيه، إن لم تطلبه السفارة فلن يضر في شئ، وقد يعد من قبل السفارة وثيقة مساعدة.

  4. حجز تذاكر سفر من وإلى المغرب “ذهاباً واياباً”.

  5. حجز فندق في المغرب، أو أن يقدم الشخص دعوة إستضافة من مواطن مغربي.

  6. أن يقدم الشخص وثيقة توضح نوع الوظيفة التي يشغلها الشخص وتاريخ انضمام الشخص لهذه الوظيفة، المستقلين أي الاشخاص الذين يعملون بشكل مستقل، يمكنهم تقديم اثباتات توضح طبيعة عملهم.

    “الوثيقة الخاصة بالوظيفة إن لم تطلب، فلن تضر وقد تعد من قبل السفارة وثيقة مساعدة”

  7. أن يقدم الشخص ما يثبت قدرته المالية للإنفاق على نفسه خلال فترة الإقامة في المغرب، وهذا يكفله تقديم حساب بنكي جاري به مبلغ يكفي الشخص خلال فترة الإقامة.

  8. تعبئة نموذج تأشيرة دخول المغرب، وتوقيعه من الشخص صاحب طلب التأشيرة.

  9. دفع رسوم فيزا المغرب، وتبلغ رسوم الفيزا المغربية للمصريين قرابة 100 جنيه تزيد أو تقل عن ذلك بقليل، هذا في ما يخص تأشير الدخول للمغرب للمصريين لمرة واحدة، وتزيد قيمة الرسوم اذا كانت رسوم التأشيرة لمرتين.

رقم 6 و3 واضح انهم غير مطلوبين من السفارة فاعتقد ممكن تقدم من غيرهم

3.3. Tunisia



Thanks a lot for this @alberto Very useful and convenient indeed.


Hi @iriedawta,

I’m asking you to keep track of the people who will be needing support for the festival. They are not many, and probably wont be in touch so much in August. Still, there are several cases:

  1. People who respond to my or Nadia’s emails where we introduced you (Eric Osiakwan, Paola Villareal, Matthew ,…) . They are guests, so please assist them and if needed buy the tickets with the company card.

  2. People who are community members who will get a 300 eur grant
    They will be getting in touch to ask different information. We reimburse them after the event, so you dont need to buy any tickets. The official process for travel support is this: https://edgeryders.eu/t/travel-and-accommodation-support/6683

Where to keep track?
I added more information and background info in the travel spreadsheet. If they are not listed, please reply to them that you will be in touch soon and record the request in this sheet:

Let me know if anything is unclear…


hi @noemi, I’m on it already, thanks for this. What about the travels for the missions to Armenia and Georgia?


I made major changes to the final part of this manual, as discussed. @iriedawta Let me know if you need any clarifications.