unMo, Reef, OpenVillage: Now there's this place in Germany and I need a concept …

Sorry to hear this Matt, what a nuisance :frowning:

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What an interesting location. @matthias did you hear what’s happening about the sale so far? The property is here - notice?

Thanks for finding the link! I knew the property is again offered online, but had not seen it there so far. About the progress of the sale: I’m not following it anymore. But note that a previous sale offer, for 1.3 M EUR IIRC, did not meet any buyer. Since then, the kindergarten property has been split out, so the current sales price is effectively not much lower. We’ll see if it sells this time. The interesting case will be if it does not sell, and what happens then.

Of course, if any benevolent capitalist has that much money left lying around and feels adventurous, please go ahead and buy the whole thing. It will be a nuisance getting everything about this property sorted out and cleaned up afterwards, but it’s still a very interesting area with a lot of potential for The People.