unMonastery Matera budget

The unMonastery Matera prototype is a pilot project of Matera European City of Culture 2019 and Edgeryders LBG. On top of the venue itself and the vast amounts of time folks are devoting to it, minimal, but precious cash resources have been allocated to make this happen. I thought I would share this for transparency, and as a reference to the design team assembling itself in the runup to lote3.

Renovation work 44,500
3D scanning (done) 2,500
Documentation and design by MIMERS (done, except site supervision): 2,000
Plumbers, masons, painters, electricians... 30,000
Furniture and appliances 10,000
Residencies 37,000
Per diems (10 unMonasterians x 4 months) 16,000
unMonasterians travel reimbursements 5,000
unMonasterians coordinator (4 months) 6,000
Matera liaison ([Rita Orlando]) 1,000
Materials for unMonasterians' projects 9,000

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embracing transparency

I would like that we put strong emphasis on full transparency and publish all the details about unMonastery spendings. Two tools which I would like to use:

  • Open Bank Project - I've just asked about their support for banks in that region (I know people who work on it!)
  • Open Spending Bubble Tree Map - Just matter of keeping track on all the spendings which we could visualize this way.

let’s take only what we really ‘need’?

I also would like if we don’t take approach: “we’ve got X amont of $$$ so let’s spend it all for good causes!”. And instead stay very caucious with using this $$$ and prefereably use much less than we’ve received and then RETURN ALL THE REST back to where it came from :slight_smile:

I’ve heard many times that various instituions try to spend all the finances allocated to them so next year they get same amount or even more. I would like that we can show decreasing spending curve with serious forecasts showing how it can reach ZERO $$$ in very near future.

What do you think about such atitude?

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