unMonastery Roles: a call for participation

unMonastery is moving into a new and exciting phase with the launch of the international call, as the project grows and expands, there is a need for a more definitive working style to take the project forward. This post is coupled with another, titled ‘unMonastic Principles of Administration: a call for design solutions’ – this is an attempt to create space for others to taker a greater role in the unMonastery.

Although I have defined a set of roles, captured from existing needs, I see this very much as a conversation – if these roles aren’t filled the project will still happen but it will be for those currently involved a heavier weight to move. The richness of the unMonastery project is dependent on the number of people who can be involved in the backstage elements of unMonastery, since it’s the decisions made here that effect its overall trajectory.

If you would like to assume one of these roles or you have alternative ideas about these roles comment below!


Facilitator of Fundraising and Futures

I imagine this role taking the lead in dreaming up and opening out the future of the unMonastery project. Throughout the time unMonastery has been in the public domain many individuals have suggested possible locations and opportunities, much of the time these possibilities cannot be pursued for lack of time and resources.

Some key features of the role:

-Raising money and resources for the overall project / individual aspects / individual roles.

-Sourcing possible grants and applications

-Writing fundrasing applications

-Supporting and assisting the start-up of other unMonasteries or facilitating other groups approaching local governments.

-Scoping potential partnerships.

-Blue sky thinking around the possibilities of unMonastery on a 5-10 year trajectory

Facilitator of Communication and Community

unMonastery requires a lot of communication, particularly as we move closer to the launch, with the number of stakeholders growing rapidly: between designers, local municipality, MT2019, EdgeRyders and the distributed community contributing online.

I envision this role as one partnered with my own, picking up on threads of communication and building momentum. Leading the social network engagement efforts and actively joining the dots on discussion at unMonastery - Campfire - Edgeryders and the Matera community site.

Some key features of the role:

-Ideally, someone taking this role would speak Italian.

-Producing and maintaining a press pack

-Facilitating press opportunities

-Community management across EdgeRyders and the Matera community site

-Updating, maintaining and translating content for the core website.

Facilitator of Design and Dispersion

Co-design is inherently messy, it acts in a distributed way between many different perspectives, what has emerged in recent months is the need for a designer that understands how these things can be knitted together – in a way that reflects and leverages contributors intentions. You can see the need for such coordination beginning to play out in the first thread on co-designing the space (/t/unmonastery/315/the-unmonastery-the-space-and-co-design-in-matera).

I imagine this role would be focused more on design thinking, rather than hands on designing but would require and obviously benefit from an individual who can do both.

Some key features of the role:

-Establishing an online workspace for managing each element of the co-design process (physical space, ruleset and culture)

-Designing workflows that can reiterate frequently

-Supporting and collaborating on the Nominet bid for building unMonastery in-a-box (detailed in this blogpost: /t/unmonastery/315/everything-you-need-to-know-an-update-on-unmonastery )

-Co-ordinating and creating design elements: presentation layouts, templates, graphics and an overall identity pack

Design your own role

unMonastery isn’t really about predefined roles, it adheres to the mantra of EdgeRyders; “what we don’t build ourselves does not get built” and "who does the work calls the shots”. If there is a role you believe the unMonastery requires to move in the right direction, describe it, declare it your own in a blog post or on the comments thread and lets get building.

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Sounds like a sensible approach

Hi Ben,

Among the many unMonastery news, I somehow missed this post. You’re the toast of the town and of Lote, so I’m sure these much needed resources will come through. I’m reading Ilaria on the other post and I kind of agree. Before really giving this call a push you and us here should think of how to make it more easy to herd while also following up on the potential offers, and making the team more transparent and coherent outwards. Otherwise you risk having yet more people interested in the good unMon vibe but not being able to nurture their engagement since there are not established channels.

Another way to go - considering you already have an ongoing big recruitment call for unMonasterians, is to recruit directly from Edgeryders coming to Lote who are up for getting involved in the unMonastery track. Frame this post as a call to join the Edgeryders Building unMonastery track  with these 3 sessions - adding a short introductory paragraph. I then can help point to this post, reach out to those registered who say are interested and see who wants to join it and help lead sessions within the track. let me know… For us it’s not such a big effort including this in the newsletter and online Friday calls, since we’re preparing for Lote anyway and continuously scouting for key help…

Facilitator of Design and Dispersion

As i expressed in my comments (/t/unmonastery/315/the-unmonastery-the-space-and-co-design-in-matera). - See more at: /t/unmonastery/315/unmonastery-roles-a-call-for-participation#sthash.0Cos3wm6.dpuf) and in my post 5 things I’ve learned about co-design I would be very interested in taking this role but I agree with Noemi that we need more transparency.

I would be interested in being more engaged but I can’t figure out what exactly would mean.

Do I need to be in Matera?

How many time do I need for that?

For how long?

I will be able to make decision or I need to ask permissions for everything?


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Francesco, I owe you an email response but in the meantime I thought I would respond to this message first. I’m excited about your involvement and the potential of you joining the core team!

Firstly this call for participation is aimed at building a core team for the overrall unMonastery project, although capacity in this moment is focused on Matera - the desire is to build a team that can take the project forward in different directions and support its overall development. In this respect being in Matera isn’t a necessity to any of the roles but rather a preference. If I were able though, I’d visit Matera once a month. For the most part this team will operate remotely. We’ve just started regular community calls again, first summary here: /t/unmonastery/315/quick-summary-of-unmonastery-community-call-1

If the desire is to facilitate the co-design process, since you’ve highlighted this as your area of specialism, I think there would definitely be a need to visit Matera at least a couple of times in the lead up.

The decision making process. As with EdgeRyders, the philosophy is this; the one that does the work, is one that makes the decisions. In order for that to function transparency and discussion with peers is needed to ensure we can work together effectively. You won’t though need to ask for permission. The organisational structure of running this core team will come from those who join the team.

It probably makes most sense that we skype at somepoint soon, also can you join the call on Friday? /t/making-lote3/360/dedicated-community-call-join-team-unmonastery-for-lote3

Bring it on!

Well played, [immaginoteca]! I do hope you can be more involved in this. In the runup to unMonastery Day One (Feb 1st, 2014) I would guess that it is critical to stay close to [antonioelettrico] and [andrea.paoletti]. They were just telling me works in the unMonastery building should start any day now.

You are coming to lote3, right? So you will be in Matera at least that one time.

Thanks for your enthusiasm

Ben and Antonio, thanks a lot for your energy.

Bem your answer help me to understand better the way you work and the way we could work together.

I think I can join you for the community call on Friday.

Yes, I will be at LOTE…also to help Valentina and other with the BIG PASTA PARTY !

Ben, I really look forward to read your email regarding my application form for the residency.

Do you think it makes sense to apply if I am joining the core team as Facilitator of Design and Dispersion ?


Hi Ben, hi everybody!

Hi Ben, as i told you i really would like to join unMonastery experience helping you all in the Communcation and Community area. I wait for more instructions on how to keep in touch and manage it all.

All the best!


Hi Paolo!

Welcome to the Edgeryders family :slight_smile:

Ben’s post i know to be dealing with communicating the unMonastery is this one outlining key things needing help with.

Another way is to help with building the Lote event at unMonastery (great that you’re coming!) -namely by joining our social media team, where you’d receive daily updates from the lovely [Dorotea]. With so many news from the unMonastery lately, we’ve been coordinating to spread them in particular, and can use an extra help to meet new micro-communities in Matera…

Anyway, looking forward to meet you in person end of October!

Welcome :slight_smile:

yes, you can join the social media team,

we help to communicate about Edgeryders, the Lote3 event and about the unMonastery project,

if you have any questions, just ask me :slight_smile:

Matera - Matera2019 - unMonastaery coordination

Hi there! Paolo, we’ll be meeting better during fieldwork but for the moment welcome on board :slight_smile:

Ben, thanks for the Popple, which is really useful for the visualisation of the whole process. Putting faces on names, and names into places can help to put some flesh in the process, which is always welcome. Hence, one question arises, one I am very much concerned about - as you have all learnt to know, by now! The unMon - Matera interface: [andrea paoletti] is in position… although I was wondering starting from when? I know that he has a contract for co-designing the space in the Sassi, so I was wondering if as “interface” this also meant the lin with the local community, the enterprises and the institutions. If so, I would very much like to team up with him since in the organization of the LOTE I have heated up personal contacts which are ready to join and participate, based on trust. We all know how much trust is difficult to build, and easy to loose. Thing is, I would really cherish to follow the unMon, and want to understand to which extent I can, as I am ready to take some personal choices in order to be in Matera. I probably missed some pieces, so I don’t know what Andrea has been doing for the community building: it is important not to duplicate or overlap, as we don’t want to harrass the locals, do we :slight_smile: So yeah, I guess I just would love to make things a bit clearer in my head, in order to channel the right energy related to a clear deal and not make any confusion! 

I’ll see all of you tomorrow, in any case! Keep it on!  


Hi guys, as Ilaria said we don’t know how Andrea will play his role and starting from when. I would really like to get involved in UnMon organization being already active with LOTE: I live in Matera so, maybe, this could help in facilitating relationships with local community, Municipality, designers, people in charge of construction and so on. I’m also thinking about what else is needed, especially about communication to Materani: we don’t want them to think we’re aliens, do we;-) ?

Just a whistle and I’ll be there. Ciao!

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Great minds think alike. Talk tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Facilitator of Communication and Community

Hi Guys

I’ve been talking to Alberto in the morning and he informed me that Andrea Paoletti has resigned! He proposed me, in agreement with MT2019 commitee, to take this role as I’m already at work for LOTE organization. So, from now on, I’m supposed to be the interface between the Community and the local stakeholders.

So…good luck to me! Ciaoooo