Urgent issues to enable OpenCare collaboration

  • get the notifications default set to zero/digest for everyone in OpenCare group

  • fix mentions.

  • Implement the channels functionality

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Hi @Nadia, I need two clarifications here:

  • is the priority that daily digests are set to default, or also that users are able to subscribe/unsubscribe from digests?

  • as you mention this specifically for OpenCare, would the channels model you shown me be only for OpenCare, or for the whole Edgerydes site (as I had understood on our last meeting)?

hi, 1- that they are set to


1- that they are set to “digests only” by default. It seems this is not the case for the members of the opencare group as it seems people are getting Alot of emails.

2 - The channels mode would be set for whole of edgeryders. This is a reminder of a key feature we have alreadyn discussed in case it has fallen off the bandwagon.

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Mentions! Mentions!

I am most of all missing the “mentions” mechanism,

so I know I can reach those I target when posting comments,

so I know I will get notified when someone needs me to act.



Mentions are back

Hello @melancon, as you can see mentions are back now.

Like before, @ + three characters will start teh auto-suggest below the editor where you can choose a username. Also like before, usernames with a space in them are mentioned by using an underscore instead.

Unlike before, the @mention does not turn into a link immediately but only after saving (in the view mode), and only if the mention worked. So you know if a message was sent successfully.

Great - but not working properly?

Thanks @Matthias,

but it seems indeed that the mentions do not always work. I just saw a mention to @MassimoMercuri di not work in a previous comment although mentions were selected from the drop down menu.


Thanks for reporting

Missed that one when putting the new mentions system together (there were 6-8 other ones though that are already fixed).

The problem is here that, if there are several @mentions in a row, only every second one is detected: 1st, 3rd, 5th etc… So until it gets fixed, put a comma or word or something in between. You can just edit the comment where the @mention did not work. If, on saving, it turns into a link after the changes, the new notification e-mail is sent, but the one for your @mention that worked the first time is not re-sent.

I have the issue on my list now, will fix it, but having to work on other issues first :wink:

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Ok, thanks for your feedback, working on it.

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Implementation proposal for the “Challenges” feature

@Nadia, is this implementation proposal for the group specific “Challenges” page according to what you intend? If so, I’ll just implement it now …. The elements of that page would be, in order:

  1. Progress bar: showing links to all the challenges of this project, the one active challenge, and the total progress. A project can have multiple challenges but only one challenge can be the active one.
  2. Existing responses: the existing responses to the currently active challenge, shown in a responsive grid (3 elements wide on average 1200px desktops, less on mobile) with each grid element containing:
    1. image (the main image taken from the response)
    2. title
    3. summary of the response (taken from the answer to the question where the author has to summarize the response)
    4. name and avatar of response author
    5. number of likes
    6. number of comments
  3. "Submit a Story": A Button to add a contribution to the current challenge.
  4. Q&A. A free-text section with project/topic related Q&A.

When clicking on any of the links to individual challenges in the progress bar, a page with a similar grid view of responses to just that challenge would open, but missing the “Submit a Story” and Q&A elements.

Ja Bitte!

Matthias sorry I missed this! Yes, what you describe would do the job very nicely! Thank you <3

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Challenge Feature ready

@Nadia and all: just to update it here as well: The “Challenges” feature is ready for use. To start using it, there is some test content and usage hints – start from here.

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Very cool!

Testing it now. Looks Super! Thank you~

Question: How do I get the header- and menu blocks on the challenge/challenge chain pages?