Urgent: who's coming to the consortium meeting? (Also: dinner on Wednesday)

Hello all, we are now in high gear organising the consortium meeting. We are trying hard to make it cosy and plugged into the fair city of Brussels, with all its quirks – no bland meeting room at a business hotel.

BUT we do need to know who’s coming, as soon as possible. How many people are coming?

Also, on Wednesday 24th we’ll take you out to dinner if you are already in town. In previous EU projects I was involved in, the tradition was for the “home team” to buy one dinner to the whole consortium. Are you all OK to go with this? I think it’s kind of nice.

@melancon, @Luciascopelliti@zoescope, @Costantino, @Lakomaa, @markomanka

WeMake crew

We will arrive during the wednesday afternoon.  Thanks for the kind welcome dinner!

We’ll be 5 in total

Costantino, Zoe, Cristina, Alessandro, Betty

I’ll be there

Thanks Alberto. I’m arriving in Brussels at 5 pm so I will be able to attend the dinner.

UBx is coming

I personally am arriving on Tuesday late afternoon (yes, Tuesday) – remember I want to sit and chat about WP5 Task 5.1&2 (!)

@LuceChiodelliUB @OlgaIvanovaUB and Adeline (no edegryders account, tss, tss) will join for the kick-off: they will also be with us to share the consortium dinner on Wed evening – that makes it 4 people from Bordeaux.

@OlgaIvanovaUB and Adeline will fly back on Friday, while @LuceChiodelliUB will stay to meet with people and talk things into details: you might want to recruit her on LOTE5 (as part of the reporters?).

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Lucia and I are arriving on Wed at 21.00 pm (around 20.30 at the central airport). Too late for dinner?

We’ll be 2 (or maybe 3: let you know as soon as possible)

Thank you!!


@Massimo, @Stef, and I will join the consortium meeting. I will arrive in Bruxelles on 24th, but suppose Stef and Massimo will join us directly on the 25th morning (Bruxelles is so close for them).


Ok, I am looking at 20 people. We’ll make it happen.

What do you guys think about the dinner? Do we go by the tradition?

@LuceChiodelliUB, your contribution to documentation wold be most welcome. @Kaja is very active in this area: please refer to her documentation wiki. Let me know if I can help.


I no man of tradition, although I can sincerely appreciate what tradition has to offer. My question simply is “what do you suggest to be a traditional meal in Brussels?” Moules-frites?

Tradition == the home team buys one dinner

It’s not about moules frites. Rather, it’s about how to spread costs for consortium meetings.

INSITE had a very centralized consortium. We did all meetings in ECLT premises. They had all the budget and carried all expenses. CATALYST was much less centralized: different partners took turns hosting consortium meetings. At each consortium meeting the home team provided a room and one dinner for the visiting partners. I am suggesting we hold on to this tradition for OpenCare. Do you guys agree?


we agree. ok for wemake



Dinner: ok also for Comune di Milano


Rossana & Lucia

OpenCare at LOTE5

Hi all, since we are on the topic of who’s coming I wanted to quickly run by you the opportunity to make the most of #LOTE5. We will share the same premises with other Edgeryders members and collaborators, have lunches and dinners together, as well as a social program.

Interested in fitting in? Then please fill in this short form with the days you’re attending, food preferences/ allergies, and your bio if you want to be included in materials on location (especially those who don’t have bios in your user profiles). We’re collecting info by Tuesday, 16 February. ping @Cristina_Martellosio @melancon@Luciascopelliti@Lakomaa@markomanka @LuceChiodelliUB @Rossana_Torri @OlgaIvanovaUB.

Emergency contact?

Hi @noemi,

I’m catching up on ER, there are lots of posts popping up everywhere, I can’t keep up :slight_smile:

I wen to the form. Not clear to me what is an “Emergency contact”. Is it a phone no you can use to reach me if you urgently need me to react or do something? Is it a phone no you would need in case I am in urgent need for help from family or friends?


Thanks for the heads up. Is it a phone no to reach you if urgently needed, mostly on location.

Sorry for the many info requests, it’s the last week though, after that we’re down to the actual action :slight_smile:


@Betty_Gorf  @Costantino

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