Video Documentation for LOTE4

I’m keen to be involved, following a similar approach to the Spot the Future video documentation.

These are a few options we can choose from:

-A short, shareable teaser video before the event cut from a variety of existing footage eg mine, edgeryders’, unMonastery, other community members. This can be as simple as Come Together, Help Each Other, P2P or more in-depth like Spot the Future. (motion graphics/animation/extensive editing requires budget though)

  • full interviews with participants, titled and tidied up a little, a la the STF interviews (Elene, Eric, Vake Park). This is fast, simple and effective and I think it’s worthwhile, whatever else we decide to do.

-(if there’s a budget) a tightly edited 5min video documenting the event.

-other ideas/approaches? what do you think?

I guess we want to do things bilingual wherever possible. Note to self, learn Italian.

Is anybody else interested in collaborating on LOTE4 videos, or do you have ideas of how to communicate more effectively with video? let me know.

Queuing up

Hi Sam, wow this is fast! Thanks for jumping in…

There’s 2 things about lote4 video documentation : the first is to use video to feature initiatives happening in Matera and Basilicata region in the runup to the event, ideally getting more local actors involved early on, connecting them to each other and building a strong presence so that by the time we are there everyone has an idea of what the shared agenda is regarding assets care (physical assets, digital, community) is and makes it easier for us to interface with state actors and other stakeholders present.

The other thing is the documentation onsite - what we did at futurespotters.

Maybe @Nadia can explain it better, but I think the first is the major priority - also budget wise, and needs an Italian to do it, for obvious reasons.

Perhaps we can figure out a cheap way to decentralize video production and split it into smaller chunks that more of us can do decently? kind of a team of community journalists? (a great idea @Matthias came up with while in Tbilisi).

let’s be in touch and figure out how we’re doing it this time, depending on what other needs arise and how fundraising will turn out.

I like it

The community journalist idea is excellent, I’m all for it. To maintain quality, especially with video which is the easiest medium in which to make unwanted and unfixable mistakes we should all agree to follow a few basic guidelines - these tips are a great start.

I’m also going to be in Rome 30 Sep - 1 Oct for the Open Hardware Summit, then in Sicily with family for a few days - it probably makes sense for me to just stay in Italy until the 27th. So I can offer a skillshare: helping locals with video production and helping coordinate documentation, in exchange for help in learning Italian, which I’ve wanted to do for a long time.