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Hey folks

Good stuff- sharp and to the point. Fairly down to earth. Doesn’t make the link to the question of ‘understanding’ what is the future or that it takes a capacity to “use it” - I know that is not her remit, but the question for this production is how to weave this into a story about “why Futures Literacy now”?



Part of the video do you want included?

Is there any specific part of this interview that you especially want included in it? A sentence or statement?

We need to know what key parts you want to see in video #2.

For disambiguation:

Video #2 is: “it happened and was relevant and useful to the participants and the missions of Unesco, Rockefeller Foundation and JRC”. The script is here.

Video #1 is: what you referred to as “epiphany video”. I have aggregated your feedback about it so far here. On September 30 we revisit it with a second version of the script.


Hi all

I like the beginning most of all - the riff on the future not existing and it giving us freedom.

I am not sure we need the bit about “uncertain”. so I would stop at 16 seconds.

Also maybe 2.11 to 2.30 as well - on pushing people to use the future, however in this clip she uses normative futures rather than exploratory ones, so it is a specific type of future and it is meant to invoke a specific type of response.

So, one of the key questions is how to ensure that we do not confuse categories of the future in what we present - in other words the clip needs to respect the theoretical distinctions that are the main contribution of the Discipline of Anticipation.  To do so we need to understand the structure of the overall video’s narrative and make sure that it does not make a mess of key analytical distinctions.

Thanks, Riel

comments on ongoing work

Hi all,

  1. we just spoke with Irianna and Riel on a potential narrative for the second video “Using the future requires futures literacy”, answering the questions 1- what is using the future? 2 - what is futures literacy?"

  2. When can we have a conversation with your team? - Film makers included

  3. Looking at the 3 videos, it seems that getting a feel of the rough content of the interview could be helpful for us to guide you in the editing, would it be possible to share them with us?

  4. The transcripts would also be useful to receive from you in order to translate in french to insert french subtitles, mandatory to all UNESCO communication material.



Under way.

Hi Jennifer

  1. Ok added your comment to the video #2 script page here.

  2. The weekly hangout would be a good time. See this.

  3. Yes, the interviews are audio and colour-corrected then posted one by one in this group as they are transferred from hard disk to our vimeo account. The final one will be done by Monday, which is also the deadline for…

  4. …this wiki containing the transcripts to be complete.