Webinar Format: what/who we need

Hello, as discussed with @nadia I’ve created a list of materials/actions we need to produce and distribute the webinars. Below a list of to-do before, during, after the event.
By standardizing the process we will be able to proceed much faster and know what to expect (and also scale up easily). So here’s what I think is necessary (please, if you see something missing, let me know):

Let’s image we will promote a webinar with Bill Gates talking about COVID-19 and innovation.

We will need to know:

  • The general topic of the webinar/Listening session (eg. 10 solutions for SMEs to survive COVID-19): See list of themes in the Events Program.

  • Bios of the people leading/featured in the webinar/listening session


From that three-piece of information we need to produce:

Long-form. (1,000 to 1,500 words) for the blog (put in a way that talks about the same topic, bring some stat, but doesn’t reveal any crucial information. So I’ve got your attention, but if you want to know more, you have to subscribe to the webinar). @estragon see :point_down:t5: is this the kind of thing you mean? add comments on each one please, would be helpful to get a sense ofwhat you are looking for

WHO DOES IT? Content Writer

WHEN? Ready 1 month before the webinar

Set of images in high Res - 1 about SMEs, 1 about Bill Gates, 1 if possible with Bill Gates and SMEs (Bill in action).

WHO DOES IT? Graphic freelancer

WHEN? Ready 3 weeks before the webinar

Press Release. From this story, we summarize and produce a Press Release that with the bio and the related images, we give to the PR7Press officer and we wait to spread.

WHO DOES IT? Press officer

WHEN? Ready 1 month before the webinar

A video - if possible it would be nice to produce a video of max 30 seconds where the guest introduces himself, the problem, his solution and launch a call.

The video will be edited in fixed format, with same graphic and layers, so that for each guest we just need to change the video and the text. The structure will be the same.


WHEN? Ready 3 week before the webinar

A Landing Page - we need a landing page with a form to easily capture the subscribers. I need to put a couple of tag/pixels if possible to understand who converted, so I can exclude these people from the ads and not showing to him/her advertising (and save money). :point_left:t5: Also, could you have a look and leave a comment/feedback below about this for @owen?

Distribution Channels and channel needs

With this content material ready we’ll need to prepare and deliver the follow (all the images need to be produced by the graphic freelance). The rest is up to me.

Off-line Press.

Hopefully, the Press officer will be able to spread the word there. It’s really up to the ability and network of this person.

Google Ads

With those images, we will adapt a banner with CTA to promote the webinar subscription in these formats:

  • Medium Rectangle (300×250)

  • Large Rectangle (336×280)

  • Leaderboard (728×90)

  • Half Page (300×600)

  • Large Mobile Banner (320×100)

we’ll be able to go on the major news network and blog easily. No extra material need.

Twitter ads

Tweet copy: 280 characters. Each link used reduces character county by 23 characters, electing 257 characters for Twitter copy.

Twitter Image:

Tweet copy: 280 characters. Each link used reduces character county by 23 characters, electing 257 characters for Twitter copy.

Image width/height: We recommend a minimum width of 600 pixels, although larger images (i.e. 1200 pixel images) will be better optimized for when users click to expand images. Any height is acceptable, although if the height exceeds the width, we will crop to 1:1.


  • Facebook Feed Image Ads
    • Recommended image size: 1200 x 628 (1080 x 1080 for a 1:1 image). No maximum size restrictions
    • Image ratio: 9:16 to 16:9 (no link involved), 1.9:1 to 1:1 (if there is a link)
    • Images no more than 20% text
  • Facebook Video
    • Minimum dimensions 600 x 315 (1.9:1 landscape) or 600 x 600 (square)
    • Recommended aspect ratio is between 9:16 to 16:9 (Horizontal: 16:9, Square: 1:1, Vertical: 4:5 or 2:3 and Full Portrait: 9:16)
    • Multiple acceptable video formats, but .MP4 or .MOV recommended
    • Max video file size: 4GB
  • Facebook Carousel
    • Minimum image size: 600 x 600
    • Recommended image size: At least 1080 x 1080. No maximum size restrictions
    • Minimum 2 cards and max of 10 cards per Carousel Ad
    • Recommended image ratio: 1:1
    • Images no more than 20% text

Email Automation:

I’ll prepare automation on Mailchimp that will remind the subscribers the event, will talk about the community, will show other content/success stories from Edgeryders, so the user will get to know EdgeRyders and will be engaged.

Max 1 mail per week + a reminder the day of the event. We’ll use the content material + images.

Social Media organic distribution (own channels)

We’ll promote it on Eventbrite


We need some basic motion graphic for the streaming (eg. lower third animation). There is a lot for free. I’ll adapt one of them. Some example here. or here‘s a library

Video page streaming + chat + recording.

If the platform doesn’t do it, a system to collect and automate the attendees’ actions (like Eventbrite)



Summary of the event and video (accessible only to people subscribed to the platform);


Let’s distribute the video to local and national magazines/newspapers/blog;

Social Media organic distribution (own channels)

Do you see something missing?


I am already working on 2 webinar initiatives with community members:

could you help with the outreach?

@estragon, can we maybe have a call at some point to discuss the webinar organising?

I’d second that, would want to participate too!

Are you sure about the length? This would be a very long post. Maybe you meant characters instead of words?

I like the idea about mailchimp campaigns to keep the registrants informed in the month runup to the event. I think it worked great when we did the Economics Sci Fi last year!

Yes, my fault. It’s a wrong number. I would say between 1.000 and 1.500 words. A long-from anyway.

@MariaEuler sorry for the late reply. What do you mean in detail?

Oh ok that explains copywriter reactions :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I meant how that plan and the already organised webinars/initiatives interact. Nadia pointed out that what you posted focuses on the summit and therefore the form does not need to be applied to other initiatives. But maybe to connect with me and @noemi at some point to see how initiatives could feed into each other instead of running parallel would be good. Maybe we can reuse some of the already planned webinars or @noemi experience with the copping with loss of work calls for the summit. But maybe we just keep this apart to and not spend more time and coordination and meta stuff which is also potentially a valid concern.

I think we keep them apart, and then call people in as needed to keep death by zoom at a minimum for everyone :exploding_head::face_with_thermometer:

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OK, line drawn :). Can work with that.

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Facepalm. :slight_smile:

@alberto @noemi think we could put together a partnership proposal/invitation with Salzburg forum and Aspen?

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@stefanoboski is handling the social media where we promote the webinars and online activities not tied to the summits. @estragon is focused on producing the webinars/online sessions that are nested under the summit subjects.


All are fine to me. We just need to add a catching title and a call to action at the end of the article.
All these content must be produced on a topic related to the webinar theme. Then, once we have the main content/topic we decline it into a newsletter, a set of graphics for the ads, a piece for the press officer (ideal to be published into a newspaper/magazine/blog), a drip campaign for automation, a series of tweet we can schedule and so on.
It is very useful then to create a calendar so we can organize the delivery of all these content knowing what will be published, when and what to expect.

Because the amount of work I would suggest to produce content able to create awareness, but also conversions. In our case conversion means to subscribe to edgeryders and be part of the conversation around this topic especially in the webinar so we can push people to tell their story or tell us about something that somewhere in the world is happening and achieve the goal we are looking for.

The general scheme of production-delivery-follow-up after the conversion will be the same for each topic, so we don’t have to reinvent the weel and we measure everything. This will allow us to correct the direction at the right point in case we see that something is not working as expected.

So regardless of the content itself, I will work next week to describe and start putting in place the main funnel so that once we have the content ready, it’s just a matter of putting the right content in the right container and launch it.

For content creation and also to populate the social media calendar, I would suggest using these web resources (@noemi ):

The call to action will be different of course depending on the stage of the funnel, but no worries, once I’ll design the funnel and the marketing machine it will be clear. Expect this at the beginning fo the next week so we can discuss it and make the necessary changes in time.

Is there something am I missing?

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Theme: Reorganising the provision of goods & services to secure material basis of livelihoods
Focus Healthcare: We have seen similar stories play out in different countries around access to masks, ventilator spare parts, access to testing etc. Across global south and global north - crises hit differently - but they do hit. So how do we avoid these situations in the future? How do we make sure that we have the fundamental requirements to stay alive when crisis hits? In this series of listening sessions and follow up discussions we explore credible paths moving forward based on real life cases, not pie in the sky scenarios. And we will map out what actions we can do depending on : 1) The central State is reliable partner or 2) We are on our own and 3) Whether we can rely on cohesion and solidarity in in the situation 4) or Low cohesion/empathy such as for refugees or minorities. We will end it with a webinar during which we present the findings, as well as proposals for possible collaborations and partnerships between participating individuals and organisations who have participated in the process.

On the platform: Discover, discuss and make sense of case stories. We knew years ago that healtcare systems all over the world were ill positioned to handle a massive crisis. Over 2 years we have been collecting stories of how individuals and groups all over the world are mobilising to care for people where state and market were failing to do so. We now have a huge repository of examples that we can learn from. These are first hand stories by the protagonists themselves - many of whom are on the edgeryders community platform and can be reached to answer questions, provide additional input or possibly even be engaged in new initiatives. The curated collection of summaries will be released on a dedicated blog.

At the listening session: We will invite protagonists of some of these initiatives featured in the series of case stories on the platform ahead of the event. In order to ensure a high quality discussion - we expect participants to have read and commented on at least 3 of the featured stories so that we know that people have some common foundation for a meaningful conversation.

Webinar: Present the findings. Same answer in both cases, different paths to get there. that Decentralisation + collective intelligence: self-selection and community

The Curated Blog Content: Long form text #1, Draft, Long form text #3: Draft, Research paper on whether fringe/citizen driven alternatives/responses born out of the crisis can be integrated into the European Welfare System/ become a reliable alternative, Presentation: Non Zero Sum Provision of Health and Social Care, Presentation: Harvesting Collective Intelligence, Escaping failing institutions through evasive entrepreneurship.

Selection of case stories: (full repository here) - Insulin Microbrewery in Milan, Open Rampette also in Milan, Cytostatic network in Romania, Cultural & Religious conventions in Syria, etc (pick examples from within & outside, Fritidsresor during Tsunami, ZAD medic response team in France, Revolutionary Memories and Building New Worlds in El Salvador

Happy to connect you with Clare Shine, the general manager.

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Yes, we would need to think of the question - with Aspen we could explore things around the next generation of leaders and talk to the head of community there, or more high level government and industry topics - for that I’d need to see who in the network can help.

What would be most effective imho is to approach them with a formal invitation on a given topic and ask for an rsvp.
Would healthcare be what we have in mind (your theme below) ?

Yes - here is the link to the first/ ready to go session: How can regions and cities work at a local level to ensure the national health and social care system can better respond to crises? - #7 by andreja

I hope this can help to understand the model and to be aligned. Any question/suggestion is welcome.



Yes, it’s very helpful thank you so much.