Webkit and Toolkit Updates

A new version of the webkit, rewritten in Vue 3, has been published at web.climategains.community. I’ve summarised some of the new features below, which will be documented in more detail in the Webkit Manual and serve the broader communications purpose of Edgeryders.

  1. Tables are generated into searchable and sortable databases. Using either markdown or tags, you can easily populate your page with mini-databases.

  2. Videos (ether YouTube or Vimeo) are displayed in the new VidStack player

  3. Podcasts Will display posts with audio content.

  4. Accordion will display a Q&A type accordion interface.

  5. Links to PDFs are parsed into a PDF viewer, as seen here.

  6. Social sharing:

When selecting a paragraph of text to share, webkit will generate a shareable card link with the text highlighted.

Result on Twitter:

This is useful for creating shareable content on the fly. Note that on Twitter, it may take a few seconds for Twitter’s cache to display the image after you post the link.

  1. Dark Mode: You can switch between a light and dark interface for reading:

  1. Easier Navigation: A sidebar menu lets you navigate between pages in the Webkit category you are in.

  2. Forms: Easily generate forms from a Notion database, which can be submitted back to Notion or posted to the discourse platform.


Toolkits display cards interface for online questionnaires revolving around a set of topics. http://toolkits.edgeryders.eu enables toolkits to easily be published through Notion, with answers being submitted either by text or video input through the user’s phone or desktop browser.

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Looks like great work. Are different versions of the webkit powering different minisites? Or are these features already available on all our sites (research, witness, thereef etc.)?