Weekly Update: Please update this list of content to promote for the coming week

Updated from the IOH side. Regarding the Nesta webinar with delab: They said they will provide the description on monday, the event will be on the 20th, so it would be necessary to add that on the list on Monday and push it out then. (made a note abouve)

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Is there are a registration link for this yet? I don’t have access to the DeLabs thread.

this is an activity that @alberto is driving. Maybe he knows something?

they just wrote they are going to post the invitation on wednesday

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Updated. still waitig for nesto to put their invite to their webinar. Hope it can be added tomorrow morning

finished their post with apbertos text now and add it to the list on the top.

webinar date 20th of may!

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Adding #ngi4eu and #POPREBEL tags to posts for featuring in the weekly list

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Thanks all. Between now and the 2nd of June there’ll be a heavy emphasis on pushing sign-ups for the two 3rd of June events (DeLabs webinar and food projects) across social; then after that I’ll be pushing the higher education session on June 22nd and general promotion for the main summit and other pre-summit events.

In terms of outreach i’m setting up social listening channels in hootsuite to monitor certain locations, keywords or phrases to help us build up our lists of potential partners or speakers. Let me know if there are any particular topics or keywords you think would be good to track.

I think we need keywords in French and Dutch. Maybe @noemi @yannick @kajafarszky have ideas?

Sounds good @stefanoboski!

I can perhaps suggest some in French:

#alimentationdurable #mouvement #cooperatif #eatlocal
#Brussels #logistique
#goodfood #Brussels #reseau #restos

  • Brussels Hub, Good Food, RABAD networks

also #horeca maybe

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Thank you! I will set up some feeds to monitor these.

I don’t have any better ideas in French.

Hi everyone! Just wanted to give an update regarding our social media channels. Here are current numbers and top performing posts from May:
(*= incomplete data)

April 20 May 20
Followers 4549 4582
posts 69 73
Retweets 68 63
Likes 59 66
Replies 4 1
Clicks 232* 612
April 20 May 20
Followers 4916 4917
Posts 32 31
Reactions 69 63
Shares 35 24
Comments 6 4
Clicks 230 507
April 20 May 20
Followers 445 457
Posts 29 30
Reactions 27 32
Shares 3 12
Comments 7 2
Clicks 63 46
Top posts: May 2020
The Strange Solace of Being Edgeryders
Resilient Livelihoods promo
What’s up with you?
Bookshop allows independent bookstores to take on Amazon
The strange solace of being Edgeryders
Rebuilding food projects in the post Covid 19 world
Making sense of a COVID19 world - DeLabs UW event promo
Job opportunity - website developer
The misinformation ecology of Covid 19

Let me know if any questions on any of this.

For June the focus will be on general promotion of the Resilient livelihoods summit plus promotion of the higher education event on June 22nd.

If anyone would like to give a shout out to any interesting people or projects from within the community or in your own personal networks, particularly in relation to livelihoods/the future of work; feel free to put me in touch.

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Hi Stefano, thanks!

What do you make of the data,…? Where are you seeing some potential and where is it not working?

PS I added two more links for this/next week, hope they fit somehow.

Otherwise, from next week I’ll be working more with @atelli for the 22 June session, thank you for promoting it.

Great, thanks! I will add these to the schedule.

Generally the majority of posts are getting some sort of interaction (like, share, comment/reply) which is a good sign so I’m keen to try and increase the amount, and obviously see more follower growth across all our channels. I think where there’s potential to push our growth and engagement a bit more would be:

More ‘outreach’ content - any content or events where we’re partnering with another organisation, community, or guest contributor are always effective as the partner will usually tag and mention us to their followers which gets us in front of new audiences.

The more case studies/member stories/Q&As, the better. Perhaps a ‘meet the team’ feature on the founders? It’s always interesting to know a team’s background and how they came together.

Those are the initial things that came to mind. I will let you know if I have any other ideas!


Images for this week’s posts

Holly Herndon’s video pieces

2020: Year of the Diptych, by Faith Ringgold for cover of Artforum n° 58-05

Anything by Nina Paley :slight_smile:

Source: https://blog.ninapaley.com/category/gif/


@lroddy can you add the weekly newsletter in the calendar above whenever you post a new one in the campfire so that we know to promote it?

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