Weekly Update: Please update this list of content to promote for the coming week

From Maria: “Due to Eriks experince working with a tech company to include his research it might be extra interessting to people developing an application or online service/project. And also maybe for people thinking about if they should get their child a device for christmas or not”

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Also for this week @stefanoboski How public authorities in Sweden works with, procure and finance cloud services

Dear @stefanoboski,

here a few additional flyers to send out for the AMA event this Wednesday. They should go out today or tomorrow I guess.

Please add this text to them:

Erik Bohjort is a Psychologist at PBM working in the field of Behavioural Insights. His research explores topics such as: Behaviour change, Digital education, Behavioural insights, Nudging, Psychology. On the 9th of December 18:30 - 19:30 he will be available to answer all of your questions and engage in discussions, conversations and maybe even a bit of therapy with you. Directly here on the forum via live chat Sign up here: https://tell.edgeryders.eu/14917 #ngi4eu

Here is also a little video and a GIF with the different questions iterating:

ping @nadia here are the additional flyers.

An here is Eriks own introduc tion post:

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@stefanoboski, can you please confirm that you have seen the post above and send out those flyers via social media channels?

@nadia you had a retweet of the first one from NGI, how do we best connect to that?

@stefanoboski hi did you see Maria’s comment above with content for promoting the event tomorrow?

The live chat will happen here, where Erik personally introduced himself:

@nadia @MariaEuler apologies, I was on location all day yesterday so did not get a chance to check my emails and messages until now. Thanks for these, I’ll add them to all the scheduled posts for the rest of today and tomorrow morning.

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thank you :).

hey guys @noemi @MariaEuler @johncoate - a reminder to us all to add the hashtag for the project to which the post belongs when we add things to the list to be promited - e.g #ngi4eu or #poprebel or #scifieconomics and to cc our partner organisations social media handles for each one

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I’m not sure I know what those handles are for those various orgs.

FYI the Swedes and the internet story page for this week’s schedule is not working for me, is there an alternative link?

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Here it is:

(Tip: next time, you can use the Search function on edgeryders.eu - upper right corner, next to the hamburger menu, and type in the keywords in the title i.e. ‘Swedes’ and ‘internet’. It will return the story you’re looking for!)

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Perfect, thanks @noemi!

@stefanoboski, here is the outreach material for this event: https://tell.edgeryders.eu/15143

Here is the post with the text and the flyers:

and here’s are also again all the flyers:



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@MariaEuler thanks for the info and resources!

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@stefanoboski can I ask you to share the stories for 4-12 Feb? Thank you!

Here are some visuals which might help:

For 1 and 2:

For 3:

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Thanks Noemi! I’ll get these up on social as soon as possible.

@stefanoboski, this is the next AMA.

Here is flyer material for the outreach:

@MariaEuler thanks Maria! Unfortunately my current contract with Edgeryders has finished so I won’t be managing any of the social media content until further notice.

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Thank you for the information. Wish you all the best.