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Hi! I have a question regarding the presentation fiche and the skills fiche. We were able to access the presentation fiche without logging into nextcloud, and I thought these were not gonna be made public. I understand it’s only accessible when you have the link for it, but shouldn’t it be accessible only to people who are signed in on nextcloud? Otherwise it kinda is public since this forum and the links on it are… Thanks for your answer!


Hi @Sarah,

I checked the file’s history and it seems that an error was made (probably me, sorry!).

Do you remember on which link (i.e. in which thread, …) you clicked when entering the file?

@alberto, yes, it works now! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Sarah, thanks for flagging this. I just tested this with the links above and no, it is not possible to see these files without being logged in. Maybe thay had been shared, and now they were unshared.

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I also checked all possible URLs that I could find, and none of them worked without a login.

Ok, well that’s great news! It was with the link that we’d received by emailbefore the 12th… But great if it was only a one off!

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Ha, great. That also means the document hasn’t really been published online. Only people with the link can open the one we sent out prior to the workshop, and that’s only the people who attended.