We're switching the mechanism of access to Open Ethnographer

We changed the Open Ethnographer software so that access to it is now enabled via membership in the annotator group. Admins and moderators still have access as before. I added all Open Ethnographer users that I knew of to the annotator group already, so they have now access through both the old (moderator role based) and new (annotator group based) mechanism.

To complete the transition to the new mechanism, I’ll need @amelia to do two things:

  1. Add missing ethnographers to the annotator group, if any. You are a group owner, so you can add people there.

  2. Confirm that I can take away moderator rights from the following people because they had them only for their role as ethnographers. (Those who are community managers at the same time should keep them.)

People mentioned in the list above: just so you know why you might lose the moderator role shortly. You are of course welcome to shout if you need to keep your mod status for other reasons than access to Open Ethnographer :slight_smile: (Means, because you are a community manager for us and I’m just not aware of that.)

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@matthias Until the German Community Manager is up and running, I’d like to keep my moderator status, please.

Sure, not a problem. Removed you from the list already.

Note to self: Removing the moderator permissions is currently blocked by issue #196. Should be fixed within the next four days.

Thank you! I think that @Jan and @Maja are also doing community management work, but am not sure. @noemi

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I still need it as well

Sure, Jirka. Removed you from the list already.

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Ok, that issue got fixed, so I went ahead and switched access for the remaining names in the list above to the new access mechanism, and removed the moderator permissions which were not necessary anymore.

If anyone cannot access Open Ethnographer now or lost their moderator permission in error, just tell me here.