Wiki: Circular economy success stories - mapping

Map of the possible case studies for the Treasure project

Recycling, in particular batteries in the sea

CE a hub for companies operating in CE in Brussels, no one among them is active in any type of automotive sector.

Balkan Beacons

World Economic Forum - Circular Cars Initiative

Circular Economy Germany

Sustainable automobility


I got it! :slight_smile:


following up on this, I’ll be working on the following themes in the next couple of weeks:

  • Georgia as a secondhand written off car market for Eurasia region, interviews with execs and mechanics, from high priced cars, to hard to find car parts. Already spoke with some people, so hope I will have something drafted by next week: aim to inform discussion.
  • Is a love for cars compatible with being environmentally friendly? Will include an interview with car sustainability expert Paul Nieuwenhuis (reaching out to him this week) and a fish bowl style event.
  • Reaching out to off-roaders event in the Netherlands to see if we can organize a workshop during the event (in Oss, close to Belgium, so poss @ivan can go)
  • I’ll be joining a women automotive summit this week to network and afterwards try to see if we will be able to organize an event during their winter summit.

Pinging @nadia