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The collective power of a community is greater than that of its individuals alone. We help, support and inspire each other to greater contributions towards the common good. Join us now #nospectators


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Our Projects

Congratulations to Maryam, Nick, Data and the rest of the Vake Park occupation crew: The Hotel Construction permit in Tbilisi park has been revoked by Tbilisi City Court

"Can Monasteries Be a Model for Reclaiming Tech Culture for Good?"- The Nation | The unMonastery, a commune for the internet age - Dazed & Confused magazine

#OpenCare works with brilliant people to fix things that are broken: hostility to migrants, European welfare, healthcare and more - http://opencare.cc

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How to get involved

Our agenda is to foster active learning and shared reflection between community members. This is why we have designed Edgeryders as a #nospectators space - what you get out of it depends on what you contribute:

  • Be generous with your thoughtful comments to help others develop their thinking. Doing this will result in others doing the same for you.
  • Share opportunities for people to learn and do meaningful work together and others will invite you into their contexts and networks.
  • Participate with the humility of knowing you can be wrong and you will make space for people to surprise you with new knowledge, and unexpected perspectives.

Become a member of our community, partner with one of our projects or hire us to tackle big challenges!

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