1st degree Master "re-design Medicine: The essential tools to design, shape and transform healthcare"

Out of virtuous (I like to believe so) serendipity, I have come to be involved in the Master course mentioned in the title. You can find out more here: http://www.hedux.org/master-re-design-medicine-eng.html

I have a few hours of teaching (14-16h), whose theme is described as:

<<“Ulysses syndrome in medical innovation" | Medicine is arguably one of the hardest fields for incremental, and disruptive innovation. This module will offer some insights into how and why medicine seems to resist innovation, and will offer an overview of possible strategies to breakthrough. The goal is to hone the critical thinking of the students, and their ability to build up situational awareness of the biomedical market. We will analyse some of the historical moments of change of medicine and human health, and some of the most notable failures to innovate. This will offer an opportunity to study public health, biotechnology, and critical care by example, as well as giving a hook to introduce/refresh concept of specialistic medicine that will be useful to an aspiring medical innovator. During this exercise we will deduce some "rules of navigation” for medical innovation. Our attention will then move to contemporary technologies that seem to promise product and service innovation in the medical field, we will map their context and focus on scenarios from wellness market to chronic care delivery, to apply and make sense of the principles we had deduced in the previous exercise.>>

…I would like to open a channel with OpenCare… what would you think?

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This would be very cool

Checked out the course intro and it looks very interesting. Any ideas around a possible collaboration or are you thinking more “let’s chat and see what we can come up with”?