2018 Unesco Chair conference: voices of the Global South

During the “2018 UNESCO Chair Conference on Technologies for Development” I will co-chair the session on “Open science: an opportunity for the global south?” I guess it can be good if edgeryders and members of the community to submit an abstract. If yes, do it before Jan 5, 2018. More information is here:
CODEV – Cooperation & Development Center.


Thanks @thomasmboa, we are looking into it. We do not have that much track record in citizen science, though, so we need to be careful.

This looks great @thomasmboa congratulations. I’m looking to prepare a proposal to your Africaosh - Africa Open Science & Hardware conference as the Edgeryders research unit and think I can look to adapt it to this. What’s more my Masters dipped into UNESCO world value/ cultural heritage and smart cities so I have some background in what you may be exploring (albeit outdated). I’ll look to put something together and think it’d be great if we can chat about it too (for now I’ve got to prioritise a grant application but will be in touch late next week). When are the proposals due to your conference - I can’t find the info anywhere?


@anique.yael. The most important for me is AfricaOSH where I really want Edgeryders to be a partner. I am preparing a letter for that. The AfricaOsh will bring all kind of actors with different goals. But I want to keep it very reflexive and critics in order to bring a fair conversation around Open science.


“Open Science” is a better theme than citizen science, at least for us.

I think I can help @anique.yael to “wow” the audience. :wink:

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Awesome @alberto! Let’s discuss next week/ before the end of the year.