29/9 Freedom Writ Large: What is threatening our liberties, and what can you do about it?

Italy. Sweden. France. Britain. Hungary. Poland. Czechia. Serbia. Germany. And that’s just Europe… When we planned a conference on the rise of populism, and the attacks on people’s rights that come with it, we did not plan for it to be quite as topical as it has turned out to be.

But the truth is the subject of this conference is an issue that has been pressing for many years, as we have seen in countries across Europe and the world. Concluding a European research project into neo-feudalism and neo-traditionalism, this event will feature a series of online panels and Zoom sessions with a keynote speech by hacktivist and conceptual artist Paolo Cirio.

Panellists will include experts such as Markéta Gregorová, an MEP representing the Czech Pirate Party, Dr. Richard Mole of UCL on nationalism, populism and sexuality, Dr. Istvan Kollai of Corvinus University, Budapest, on the concept of neo-feudalism, and Swedish philosopher and journalist, Jesper Ahlin Marceta. It promises to be a set of fascinating discussions on topics that have never been more urgent.

Freedom is something we have to earn and protect. Our dignity and ability to build good lives and futures depends on it. But what can and should be expected of each one of us as individuals? How can we contribute in our personal and professional capacity?

Hopefully see you thursday: Freedom Writ Large | Eventbrite

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