360Giving data visualisation challenge

I’ve just come across this data visualisation challenge.

They are inviting anyone with an interest in design, analytics or data journalism to turn the 360Giving dataset into original visualisations, so that maximum value of the dataset can be unlocked. The £20,000 prize fund will award prizes of between £2,000 and £6,000 to the top three. They’re looking for creative, innovative ideas that use the dataset in new and interesting ways.

What do you think @alberto? Could be an interesting small/fun side option for SSNA? Challenge closes mid-July. Their data is available in two forms

  1. GrantNav (json/ csv)
    Our searchable dataset for all the grants that are published in the 360Giving format. We are using elasticsearch so you can look for terms and keywords in the different fields!
    A query editor that allows you to query our data in SQL. We added to Redash our GrantNav dump file for April 2018. All you need to do is to log in with your Google account.
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Hmm. Interesting. I am going to look at the raw data and think about whether we can induce a SSN.

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@alberto just out of curiosity, I took a quick look at the data. So if you manage to apply SSN to this pool of data I would be curious to see the result …

That depends on several things. The most pressing problem is that I can’t find a proper metadata document. I fired them an email to ask a few questions…