4 days to support the unMonastery in the OuiShareFest awards

A while back, @elf Pavlik posted that the unMonastery had been nominated for the OuiShareFest awards – category “Open and horizontal governance”. Since then, both he and @NicoBis made beautiful videos to introduce the unMonastery to people visiting the award website.

I respectfully, but forcefully, ask that unMonasterians – all of them – spearhead a community-wide effort to support the unMonastery in that competition. Not winning is OK, but not playing the game is disrespectful to those who worked on this. We have only four days before the voting period ends.

So vote here: http://goo.gl/T8K92u. Do it now. And spread the unWord. 

Thanks for the heads up!

I knew unMon was in the competition but didn’t know we need to vote, or missed the link somehow… thanks! done done, let’s keep pushing.


@Noemi, have we got a newsletter going out (very) soon? This sort of stuff (plus the other news that one of the unMonastery projects is a finalist in the European Social Innovation Competition) is the stuff that people need to know…

Neither did I.

Until today - Sent out some emails this morning and started making people aware.

please promote all videos at the same time!

i see no reason to promote unMonastery video among community who already knows us well… please promote http://awards.ouisharefest.com/#vote and encourage friends to watch all videos before voting and then vote for the project they like the most (not necessary unMo)

this way we can give visibility to other projects among community already following unMo operations, at the same time setting an example and encouraging others to take similar stance :slight_smile:

Use the social media calendar

We will promote anything community members put on the social media calendar providing it does not violate our values or the narrative we build, no us vs them or stuff like that. So if you want unMon to be promoted more, make an entry for two times for each day between now and the 5th so Said and the rest of us remember to mention it every day. And @Ben, @Kei, @mariabyck, @Bembo Davies, @Lucia, @fortyfoxes, @Marc, @katalin and @ksenia if you guys can each add a status update about your project with a link to a photo we can push that our too so we are promoting the projects and the unMon through the votebating. Works?

Good point (mostly)

Ah, @elf Pavlik. You are indeed one of the most interesting people I have ever come across. Meeting you broadened my world noticeably.

Your point is well taken. Mostly, because it is true that people do know and like the unMon here, but it is definitely not true that they know they have the opportunity to support it for this award in particular. I mean, I did not know – nor did Noemi. And we spend a lot of time thinking about all things ER/uM and keeping up to date! I have to assume almost no one in the community is aware of it. Let’s not take for granted that people know what is going on.


I agree that I could have given clear call, that the video went on awards website and now everyone can also vote for unMonastery! Next time I will try to keep things more calm and don’t get into hectic operations mode :wink:

Thanks for your well timed move (once again) @Alberto!

In my comment i just wanted to clarify that more then in getting many votes I see benefit here in excising sharing visibility among communities supporting in many ways related project. Also investing this way long term in growth of certain culture rather aiming for short term quantified results. I believe that you understood my point rather clearly there in previous comment :slight_smile:

/me current uptime >36h (hitch Berlin->Paris went smooth!), next activity ZZZzzz…

BTW happy to once again meet #IRL/#AWK @Dorotea, @Auli and @maxlath :D

All good

It was not meant as a criticism. Actually, I salute your great work and try show appreciation – far from me demanding that you do even more work. :slight_smile:

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Common Libraries

anyone noticed this project by @CommonFutures?

Common Libraries - Group

Elf - thanks for the mention - project details are at /t/common-libraries/577 - look fwd to meeting in Paris. Annemarie 

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