5G and the Internet of Things: Are We Collectively Flying Blind?

5G wireless technology is the great enabler of IoT. Can’t happen without 5G and its huge increase in speed and latency. Most 5G is getting built around the high end of the spectrum where fast speed and huge data transfers abound but the waves travel such short distances and are easily interrupted by physical objects, that the transmitters need to be positioned everywhere. Ubiquitous. So far, no comprehensive studies have been produced about the public health implications of having this huge flow of data blasting everyone from the millions of little towers it will require.

The IoT powered by 5G presents unprecedented opportunities for services, for surveillance and for security breaches. How much has the public weighed in on these questions? Do we even know the full implications so we can make informed choices? Is it inevitable regardless of what we think?

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China has already installed three hundred and fifty thousand 5G nodes. The US one tenth as many. I do not know the European deployment at this point.