6th Community Call LOTE5 - minutes



  • Nadia created a  form page “Invite yourself to LOTE: Submit a story, propose a session or schedule an interview” that could be used to collect why people are interested in LOTE \#fail \#unfail and which track is interesting for them.
  • Community managers should push some people to create content on this otherwise it’s really hard to see it happen organically.


  • Antiheroes is meeting a Belgian bank next week. They are developing a programme in order to facilitate access to finance to refugees and LOTE5 can be the right playground for them to try out cheaply some solutions and learn from past grassroots, charity, public or private initiatives on the topic.
  • At the event an entire track will be dedicated to understand relevant example of FuckUps on innovative projects, charity, microloans, public support dedicate to refugee reception and integration. Example of innovative solutions in Uganda. The outcome of this track is the first prototype of a solution that could be developed in collaboration with this bank. Sourcing the knowledge base, validating the idea, understanding what not to do and proposing a prototype.
  • It’s an exploratory meeting, they are really enthusiast about it so we hope in a week this time we will be working on proposal writing.
  • Refugee reception and integration. Curator-editors include:. Proposed partners include: Forum Alpbach, UNHCR, Refugees Welcome, Migrationsverket, German foreign ministry, Stockholm School of Economics, CERN, City of Milan (it will be connected to Open Care).
  • Other supporting partners that are interested: Lunt Foundation, Delta Loyd, CFA

What’s wrong with smart.be?

Thanks for the update.

As I recall, smart.be solved the problem, so the problem is now solved. The Forest people could be involved as a community partner, without necessarily supplying the venue.

The advantage of having made a decision on the venue is that we can announce it, do communication on it, do organisation on it etc.

Nothing’s wrong with Smartbe

We’re finalizing things, have a meeting to arrange & formalize on the 30th