9-13/11 what i am doing this week

This week was quite turbulent in Poland because of the violent nationalist march in Warsaw, which was pacified by the police. Even the Wyborcza newspaper website was down for several hours in this evening. Misfortunes never come alone, I would say that most of my Polish friends are quite depressed by the current political situation and the spike in coronavirus. The tone of the comments on the online forums concerning recent anti-abortion restrictions and LGBT-bashing is very pessimistic. Many people are binge-watching Netflix these days, and are not willing to communicate.

That is why I hope that the webinar about the mutual help practices in Poland is a good way to show the empathy with the local community. I am sending the event invitations via Linkedin and Facebook. Unfortunately the registrations are not that many, but the people who registered present valuable social initiatives from several Polish towns.


Sorry to hear, add political unrest to a pandemic situation and you see what happens,
It’s dire.

Regarding your engagement approach: my advice is - if hundreds of invitations yield less than 10 registrations, consider going in depth with the participants you already have.

If you have to choose between spending your time sending more messages with only the intent to participate as a response (or a comment), why not have 1-1 interviews with those people you are engaging?

By posting:

  • 1 Mania’s story
  • 2 good participants’ stories (like Dragan’s)

… at least you make sure we have good content and data than we can use for subsequent discussions, that journalists can then engage with etc.

Or do you think otherwise?