A 5.7% conversion rate

I get the figure 5.7% by dividing the number of Armenians (30) who signed up and are contributing (perhaps minimally in many cases) to the Spot the Future conference by the total number of Facebook page likers we gained from the Facebook ad campaign (518). 5.7% is well above the industry average although not quite unicorn levels. But I think it means that we should consider an ongoing budget for creating ads that pull in all kinds of new people using targeted methods (such as only reaching users who like certain pages). Most recently, I was thinking about creating an English languagead that would be worldwide in scope but hypertargeted by interest. And instead of directing traffic to our Facebook page, we direct traffic to a call-to-action on a Edgeryders.eu page that encourages these newcomers in some way to participate in a Spot the Future collaboration, even if performed remotely and online. By making it in English, we’d have greater flexibility, perhaps easier numbers and greater agility to interact and engage with them on short notice. What do you think @nadia @noemi @alberto @mattias ?

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what generates the 5.7

The facebook campaign was just the start and a pretext to mobilize existing community members to reach out to new people and give shoutouts on their own facebook groups. The way I see it, it goes something like :

seed content through facebook+ a concrete, timebound offer to newcomers+ community mobilization = % higher conversion rates.

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Noemi. I wouldn’t argue that most of the labor comes after the traffic arrives. The 5.7% conversion rate is dependent on many variables. I take very little credit for the active registrants being realized. However, the somewhat impressive end result of reaching 30 new registrants from Armenia in time for the conference was seemingly 100% dependent on there being a suddenly large initial pool of 518 FB likers to begin with – this is the seeding, as you say. I can do more of that in many contexts and applications – year round if needed. I’ll be trying out more things this week as my schedule opens up, but I just thought I’d create this idea of a year round FB ads budget that we can use to fuel campaigns/boost particular pages and posts.  And there’s no reason why we couldn’t discuss our #swarmcomms approach to see how we can yield an even higher conversion rate.

i think we might want to consider it for LOTE as follow up

See, the topic of this years lote is community stewardship. And in a sense the follow up from the futurespotters meetup would be an experiment-case study for precisely that. So it makes sense to look at how one could feed into the other imho…

If you DON’T fail, iterate!

My two cents: this thing worked-ish. So I would definitely explore how to make it better.