A belated HELLO!

Hello there, Edgeryders–

I signed up a few weeks ago after a conversation with @johncoate . I was super busy at that time, and even though I was following along on the new discussions, I was waiting until I finished a big project so I’d have time to participate more once I introduced myself:

I’m Brady, and I live in San Francisco. I am currently the CEO of The WELL, the wonderful 31-year-old online community where I met John. A group of longtime users bought the community a few years ago from the corporation that owned it before us in order to make sure we could keep the historic community going.

Aside from running The WELL, I am also a playwright and a theatre arts educator. I have a background in circus (I trained with Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circus) and as a performer, but most of my work these days is from backstage. It was some of the recent discussions in the Op3ncare group that inspired me to finally come and say hello, so I won’t be a mysterious stranger if you see me commenting elsewhere.

I teach as an artist-in-residence in the public schools, as well as teaching improvisation and physical theatre to adults. I’m in the very early stages of developing a new project that will use the kind of theatre work I’ve been doing with teenagers and  young adults to strengthen emotional health in disrupted communities.

I am looking forward to seeing you around this site and reading up on what you are all working on, and hopefully we’ll all meet somewhere or another one of these days.

(I’m happy to get messages in French or Italian, although I am not very good at writing or speaking. Reading works!)



The WELL is the topic of fireside stories here in Edgeryders, and it was already before we met @johncoate. So be welcome, very very welcome, here.

OpenCare and theatre must be a thing. @Alex_Levene also works in theatre. Apparently the organisation he was volunteering with at The Jungle (story here) originated in that scene, in the UK. The thinking is simple and elegant: we have admin, management and technical skills, because we are electricians, carpenters, tour managers, producers. We build things and run them under deadly time constraints. We can probably help in smoothing up the largest refugee camp in Northern Europe. Makes total sense!

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Lovely to read you, Brady.

Glad you found the time for an introduction, but no worries - drop by in any conversation whenever!

With Op3nCare accelerating over the next months, if you’re having trouble finding info, posts or people you know where to find me. I’ll be happy to take you on a tour so to speak.

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