A collective in a poor part of Marseille - Interview

a collective in a poor part of Marseille from Hazem Adel on Vimeo.

A quick chat / Interview with Catherine – a french filmmaker who is currently working on a web documentary about the alternative projects around the spree in Berlin- about a community based development that is happening in her neighborhood in Marseille .

This collective Brouettes & Compagnie is working on a poor part of Marseille – as she was explaining that there are two parts of Marseille – getting things done in a very networked way – no institutional hierarchies – doing projects like urban gardening or Biblio-brouettes which is some sort of a mobile barter system for books as there is no public library in the neighborhood .

She sees some differences between Berlin and Marseille saying that alternative projects in Mareseille aren’t as much as Berlin but they are mostly out of a necessity especially in the poor places where there aren’t much options .