A community of Egyptian creative youth on Jiftun island

Hello @nadia i’m mostafa from egypt
i really happy to hear about openvillage Idea
because i start to represent this idea and share it in 5 TV Show and more than 15 Newspapers from 2 years

my Idea is to build a community from Egyptian creative Youth in an island
To create a successful model of creative youth
By creating common workspaces
And projects that are not harmful to the environment
And use A clean energy only on the island
and these are some details about my idea :

  1. A successful model of 1000 Egyptian youth gathered together on the idea of ​​developing Egypt.
  2. Increase the percentage of internal investment.
  3. Development of internal and external tourism through model work for the Maldives, Malaysia and Thailand in Egypt. (Tourism islands) and these are the most places where the Egyptians in their travel.
  4. Establish agricultural and industrial projects without harm to the environment and not rely solely on tourism.

1- The length of the island of Jiftun is 18 km and the length of its coast is 43 km.
2 - away from Hurghada 11 km and this makes it easy to take advantage of the services available in Hurghada.
3 - Includes 14 sites of the most beautiful diving sites.
4 - receive about 188 thousand tourists annually and therefore do not need to campaign for a large awareness of the place.
5. Exploitation of the island comes from entrance fees only island.
Third: The reason for exploitation of natural islands and reserves in Egypt:

  1. Australia generated revenues of $ 2.5 billion
    2 - Canada achieved $ 6.5 billion in addition to providing 125 thousand jobs.
    3 - Italy achieved one billion euros in addition to providing 80 thousand jobs.
    Mauritius Island receives about 1,500,000 tourists annually.
    Thus, the importance of exploiting the islands in Egypt to increase national income, create job opportunities for young people, and work successful models of Egyptian youth capable of taking responsibility.

IV. How to choose 1000 young people:
The 1,000 young people from all over the country will be selected by a dedicated HR team
The lesson in selection criteria are:

  1. Ethics.
  2. Ambition.
    In order to avoid the negatives resulting from the poor morals and frustrations that exist in society now
    • After selecting individuals
    Each member of the island has a membership card and the card has a number of points and if the person has committed any offense
    The number of points owned shall be deducted according to the type of violation committed (of course, the sanctions regulation) and if the individual has exhausted the number of points owned by him
    He is thankful for his time spent on the island.
    The number of points is also increased for individuals who are positive in helping the people of the island and thus giving them greater advantages based on their positivity
    • The island is not limited to 1000 young people only, but they represent the population in the General Assembly of the island in accordance with the regulations of the team of human resources.
    • The expected number of people on the island will be reduced to 50 thousand and jobs will be provided to them in the available fields.

Only clean energy generated from:

  1. Solar energy.
  2. Winds.
  3. Water rush.
  4. Power generation by movement (bike).

Studies in Egypt have proved that if we move away from the Nile River 70 km, desalination is the economic option
Therefore, seawater desalination will be used to provide water for drinking and agriculture.
VII. Sanitation
Sewage will be treated to be suitable for irrigation of gardens and agriculture.

VIII. Means of transportation:
You will be able to use environmentally friendly transportation such as bicycles and golf cars that are powered by electricity
Wooden houses is the perfect choice that has been chosen for various reasons:

  1. Do not harm the environment.
    2 - Economic price interview with concrete houses.
    3 - her aesthetic view.
    4 - the ability to withstand the various environmental factors more than others.

and now i make start-up company in carpooling field to solve transportation crisis, traffic, and Car air pollution in the Egyptian society.

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(Moved your post to its own topic so it can attract more attention. Feel free to adapt the title, which I had to invent.)

i love this idea, its sheer scale compared to the independent house projects we are looking into, and that you have come so far with it already. What I don’t get is, how can you do this on the island? Do you need or have any government cooperation, or is it just about moving there individually for the 1000 selected people?

Really thanks for your support @matthias :wink:
you can Imagine what one creative entrepreneur can do ??
but sure you can’t imagine that 1000 creative entrepreneur can do when they meet and live together in one place like island
I think they can change the world
this is my vision to my idea :slight_smile:
and i trying to make co-operation with government but no response

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As I feared :slight_frown: In that situation, you might want to adopt the voluntary migration strategy of the Free State Project instead, because it needs no government cooperation at all. Own governance structures like the membership card might have to be adapted a bit, though.

Wikipedia has a nice summary. Basically the FSP intends to “take over” one location by amassing people with similar intentions and initiatives there. This happens crowdfunding-style, with a threshold. So they first collected people who promised to move if 19,999 people promise the same. This lastest from 2001 to 2016. Now that the threshold has been reached, these 20,000 people are expected to make good on their promise and come to New Hampshire.

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sure you are right :wink:
for that I am now looking for support from nonprofit organizations in supporting in this idea
But the idea of FSP is more different from my idea in several subjects and the most important subject is
I do not want to create a Closed society but I want to create a creative environment that helps innovators and innovators
And produce a number of innovative projects that help a better life

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The island looks like incredible diving offshore and a lot of beach bungalows and resorts and the rest looks like bare rock. Is there a town on the island? Where would 1000 new people live if not connected to the resorts?

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there is no town in island … its Only the land of sand
and we need to make a Create an innovative life in island with a innovation people
There are many areas for modern investments within the island
There are more than 10 islands in Egypt without people living on it
And the nature inside the island helps to calm and relax and good work for innovators

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Hello @M.Elshafey! This is very impressive, but I am not sure how you can do this with so much top-down control without breaking it. A town whose inhabitants are selected by an HR committee sounds more like a company than like a town. Also, how would you keep out people that you do not like? What is stopping me (or anyone) from simply moving into the island?

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@alberto Really its a great Questions and i will answer for it :wink:
First : why HR choose inhabitants ??
Because HR team can choose individuals based on:
1- Ambition
2 - Ethics
3. Innovation
and this to avoid the negatives produced by non-qualified individuals

ٍSecond:how would you keep out people that you do not like?
Solution is the points system:
Everyone on the island has a number of points
If a person commits one of the wrong behaviors or against instructions
A number of points will be deducted from the balance based on the list of violations
If a person reaches 0 points
Thanks are given to him for the time he spent with us and he will leave community

Third : What is stopping me (or anyone) from simply moving into the island?
No one can stop you to moving into island but you can visit it as a visitor not a member in community
the different is no one outside a community can work in island or invest on it

I don’t get it! I could just move in. Set up a tent somewhere, and refuse to leave, points or no points. Does that mean you have some kind of police to enforce your point system, and make people leave by force if they don’t comply?

when a company have an employer against instructions , company will end of contract for this employer and exit him
the same we will do
The person who wants to join us will sign a document with the necessary instructions and list of violations
When the person against instructions, the contract with the person will be terminated and his / her work will be terminated within the community and will become a visitor only and has no right to work in our community

so is it a community or a company ? who will put the rules or the document or so , in other words who is “us” in this.

and how is the progress going, you mentioned that you were in contact with some people from the Government ? or from the presidency office ? and they refused the idea of an island due to strategic reasons, but they are open to other locations, like what ? and how is the communication going, I am very curious to know, is it between just you and may be some young people as an initiative with them or is it through other companies or organizations ?