A community of projects to link Europe and the Mediterranean: a call to Matera and an opportunity

The Italian city of Matera was appointed European Capital of Culture for 2019. It is now building capacity to deliver its ambitious cultural program. As part of this buildup, it has asked Edgeryders to help them set up a community where creative and cultural projects can be developed in a collaborative way between people in town and anywhere. These projects are mostly meant for the city’s own 2019 cultural program, but they can also be taken elsewhere if their creators so wish. The community will kick off on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of December 2017, with a two-days course on building and maintaining community, held by @noemi and @johncoate.

Anybody is welcome, from anywhere, and the course is free of charge (though registration is required, and the number of participants is capped at 25). But Matera sees itself as a natural bridge between the north and the south shores of the Mediterranean, and wishes to develop stronger relationships with people on all shores. So, it is offering to fund the travel and accommodation to the course for up to four people from the southern or eastern Mediterranean. If you see yourself doing that, and if you would like to connect your community with Matera 2019, consider applying. Fondazione Matera 2019 will also write a letter of invitation that you can show to the Italian consulate in your country.

Deadline: October 31st. Info at the link below. @idaleone works at the Fondazione and can help if anyone on Edgeryders has specific questions.



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@m_tantawy or you can post your questions here :slight_smile:

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Dear all ,
I found the training as great opportunity for sure ,I already applied to the program before the deadline ,but until now I didn’t receive any response form Matera organizers, if you can help to give me any feed back this will be great, I will come from Egypt to reach you and I’m interested to participate in preparation if you wanted help .
thank you all ,
@alberto @noemi

Hi @m_tantawy. Apparently No spoke with the Matera people, who report they fell behind schedule and find themselves being “too late”. Unprofessional, but there you have it. They did take responsibility for the screwup. So, Matera is not happening for that application. I am really sorry about that, though it is not my mess.

ohh it is ok , lets see another chance with them later , btw I’m arriving to Brussels house tomorrow night I hope to reach u there =)