A couple of Edgeryders got shortlisted in a competition for 100k, and here's why you should help them cross the finish line

The unMonastery, has been shortlisted to win 100,000 Euros in a Italian competition called Che Fare.

So why does the Che Fare competition matter?

Because the unMonastery is our first attempt to collaboratively build the kind of p2p infrastructure needed for individuals to be able to do meaningful work. And contribute to the future they want. While having an acceptable standard of living. If we win the grant, we want to use it to develop the unMonastery into a sustainable and scaleable model for bridging the growing gap between the need to make meaning and the need to make a living. 

How do we do this?

The competition is designed in such a way so as to limit participation to just voting, which we think is a waste. So we are going to take the opportunity to collectively design a solid  “business model” for the unMonastery! Why? because if we can make each unMonastery economically self-sufficient, this increases the likelihood many more people will dare to build one!

The idea is to use the grant money for:

  1. evaluatiing the impact of the first (independently funded) residency iteration (~30K Eur).
  2. writing and spreading instructables and how-tos. Scalability would therefore work like for Benedictine monasteries: give people tools, propagation will happen by adoption rather than by us going to found other unmonasteries. Includes traveling and spreading the unWord (~55-60K Eur). This might include some extra residency grants as needed.
  3. developing a model for accessing real estate, like Camelot's, but benevolent (~10-15K Eur).

So the grant would be used 100% for sustainability and scalability. It would also contribute towards covering costs of involving the Edgeryders LBG infrastructure we are all using to realise the unMonastery and other community intiatives (platform, social media, events etc.).

If you want to be a part of the unMonastery journey, this is a great opportunity!

We’re preparing the shared workspace where we will build this together. But you don’t need to wait for that.

Challenge #1: help vote the unMonastery on to the next round. If you havent’s already done it, please do. It takes about 5 minutes. Instructions in English available for download here (thanks Rita!)

How do you do this?

A heartfelt thank you for phrasing this in such a simple way!

And [Rita O] is our valuable star: the instructables are so much better than 1000 words! 

Let’s fill this workingspace up with our plans to hack this competition and get to be 1 of the 8 most voted projects!

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Practice, iteration and… obession.

Writing is hard work. At the end of my engineering degree, I took well over a year to write my thesis. After having completed the research. I re-wrote it from scratch something like 4 times with a lot of input from people around me. It was not so much the content that bothered me but the form. I did the same with the presentation, and tested it on friends and family who poked holes in it until it was solid. In the end it was worth it. The presentation was so engaging, it turned into a 3 hour seminar with lots of discussions between the participants most of whom had specifically travelled to the uni to take part in it. An Msc thesis presentation. At an Engineering dept. Most of all, I acquired a thorough understanding of the work and issues I explored. Swedish saying: “det dunkelt sagda är det dunkelt tänkta”. Try it!

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I am unable to access the website. Have other experienced the same thing?

I tried just a few minutes ago and it was fine. Can you…

…take a screenshot of what you see when you visit the site, including the address field of the browser and email it to nadia@edgeryders.eu ?

Thanks for the heads up!