A first rough list of potential partners in Brussels

So, @chantal_vanoeteren has prepared this document (visible only to the Edgeryders org for now, sorry). I have re-arranged the columns to highlight strategic goals and what’s good fr the project for each organization listed.

From a first glance, it seems that Chantal finds the most potential in some real estate developers, which was surprising to me (in an nice way). On the other hand, I don’t understand the role of the public sector: it is represented in the table by (regional level, with one exception) technical bodies like CityDev, and we have no commune at all. I am a bit surprised: does this mean we should not talk to politicians?

Another surprise was to find some orgs that are listed as supportive of the use of temporary spaces. Temporary spaces is not where we want to go, though, so maybe I am misunderstanding the table?

I believe the next step is to go through these players in a call or physical meeting, then start to pitch them. Do you agree, @chantal_vanoeteren, @BaobabUrbain, @manuelpueyo, @noemi, @matthias? (Matt, you are not required to participate, just FYI.

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Hi, I will have a look on Monday morning before our call.

Hello everybody,

Yes let’s talk about it during a meeting.

Could we do this next wednesday 09 or 16 october?

I didn’t mention any municipality.

But I mentioned Renovas which is in charge for the urban regeneration (Contrats de Quartiers Durables and Contrats de Rénovation Urbaine) in Schaerbeek and which is directly linked to the Municipality of Schaerbeek. I am working for them at this moment.

Attached, you will also find a document (in French) that I received from CASANOVA a co-housing project in Schaerbeek (https://habitat.casanova.brussels/)

Comment Construire Un Cohabitat 2018 (2).pdf (617 KB)

Nice! But it’s not what we have in mind. Several families, each with their own apartment and a common garden… more like the co-housing in Milan, a little more down-market.

Let’s do 09, which is the day after tomorrow. 15.00. Will send a calendar invitation. Link to the meeting: Launch Meeting - Zoom

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Hallo :slight_smile:
Just added some key players to this list.
will have approx 30min to go through it.

This new belgian publication on new ways of collective housing might be interesting for some of you.
See the following link:

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